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Welcome to DOR

Descendants Of Roger Terrill of Milford, Connecticut is a collaborative effort to gather and share information on the Roger and Abigail (Ufford) Terrill family and generations of descendants. Our goals are to accurately document and preserve this information, and to continue the search for Roger's origins. Our focus is on actual records, and how we might best interpret them; but we are also willing to help share stories which have been passed down through the generations, as long as they pertain to Roger Terrill or his paternal line descendants and their families. And of course we are also interested in helping you share Bible records and the like, and old "Terrill" pictures with other descendants.

Our web site, which started in 2009, used to have a private section open only to members. As of February 2021 we have discontinued that, and have made public many sections which used to be private. This has required restriction of some material, particularly in our YDNA section, in order to comply, as most other organizations like ours are doing, with the European Union data protection laws which came into effect on 25 May 2018. By the way, if you are interested in proving your paternal line descent from Roger Terrill, this is now possible via a yDNA test, if you are male or have a male "Terrill" relative willing to get tested. See our YDNA section for more information.

All for the best, . . . . . (posted 22 Feb 2021)


Conrad W. Terrill


(Thomas2 line)


Nancy Tyrrel Theodore


(John2 line)

The Terrill Surname

Tyrell Symbolism

What DOR has learned so far …

This article summarizes what we have learned of Roger's origins, including a review of what is out there that is not true, or is unsubstantiated. The detailed version of this material is spread throughout multiple articles in our Research section. Our actual Roger Terrill records are detailed in the articles listed below, which are also listed on the home page of our Roger's Tree section. Click here to read the summary …

Roger Terrill Articles

A new look at our earliest Roger Terrill record

The 1639, 1643 and 1646 Lists of Milford Free Planters

Milford First Congregational Church Records - Vol. I, 1639-1837

Milford land records for Roger1 Terrill

Roger Terrill stands up before the Court on behalf of his brother-in-law

Roger1 Terrill's Sons — by Deed We Shall Know You

Looking at Roger's inventory.…

Other Articles

Our Roger's Tree section contains most of our articles and records, tucked away in a descendant tree filing system, starting from Roger1. Our DOR1 section contains all the newsletters published by Nancy's Corresponding Society—Descendants of Roger Terrill of Milford, Connecticut, which was active from 1989 to 1995. Check the Site Guide for more detail.

Bible Records (Etc.) and
Old Pictures Wanted

If you've been wondering how to share your old family Bible records and/or pictures with others who might be vitally interested, you can do it by sending us photocopies. Contact Conrad. Other old records are welcome, too.

New on DOR

Oliver4 (Josiah3, John2, Roger1) of Milford and Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut and Ohio and Family, by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, 1 Mar. 2021. A story of an Ohio pioneer family and their roles in the Colonial wars.

Division of Estate of Caleb4 (Daniel3-2, Roger1) Terrill of New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut between his lawful heirs signed 11 January 1797, by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, 9 April 2021, (in which the heirs demonstrate the unimportance of spelling at that time).

The 1639, 1643 and 1646 Lists
of Milford Free Planters

June 2009: There are three distinct lists of "original" free planters for Milford, Connecticut. The first list of names was produced 20 November 1639 by the Milford General Court—forty-four members of the Church (Puritans) and nine non-members. Roger Terrel's name appears among the non-members. Read more …

A new look at our earliest
Roger Terrill record

24 Jun. 2011: DOR-Terrill has a new interpretation of the list of nine men presented on the first page of Milford land records, dated 20 Nov. 1639. We believe that these young men were chosen to lay out the new town of Milford. We noticed that some on the list of nine were quite young in 1639, and we conducted a study to determine the ages of as many as possible. Click here to read more, including the results of our study.

Roger Terrell in the 1624/5
Ossulstone hundred subsidy roll

27 Jul. 2011: The puzzle of why the name Roger Terrill is not on the 1621 Ossulstone hundred lay subsidy roll has finally been resolved. As expected, Charles E. Banks had misled us, and it is the 1624/5 roll on which the name actually appears. Click here to read more …

The early demise of our promising
Possible Roger1 theory

23 Apr. 2012: A year and a half ago we told of a new Roger1 Terrill possibility, a Roger Tirrell baptized in 1620 at St Magnus The Martyr in London, son of a Roger Tirrell baptized in 1592. However, one or the other of these two Roger Tirrells died in St Mary Whitechapel in 1625, and we did not know which. We had been hoping, of course, that it was Roger Jr., our promising possibility, who survived, but we've just learned that it was not. Click here to read more …

FTDNA Terrell Surname Project

DOR-Terrill is a major participant in the Family Tree DNA Terrell Surname Project. Other Terrell lines are participating too. The aim of this project is to sort out all the "Terrell" lines throughout the world using yDNA genetic genealogy. DOR-Terrill, using this project, has already homed in on Roger's yDNA, to 111 markers. We're now working on identification of branches and on connecting to Roger's ancestors. Our YDNA Roger page presents all the details. If you don't know if you're a descendant of Roger, you can find out by getting tested through the Terrell Surname Project. If you're not a descendant of Roger you might find out what Terrell line you actually belong to. The project is growing fast.