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DOR Old Pictures

DOR is collecting here old pictures of descendants of Roger1, so that they may be shared with others. If you have pictures which you would like to add, contact us (see Home page)—we'll be happy to work with you on this. Until we have a better idea of how many pictures we can store on our web site (in addition to the photocopies of records) we're restricting our collection to pictures which date from before 1890. Old pictures of entire families are especially welcome, but pictures of individuals from whom others may be descended are also very welcome.

Our collection is organized like the Roger's Tree section now (in simplified form), to make it simpler for you to find those pictures of interest to you. Click on a highlighted name at right.

Now including tombstones and memorials

Feel free to share your pictures of tombstones of Terrills from whom many people would be descended. Right now we're restricting these to Terrills (Tyrrels, etc.) who died before 1890.

Click on a picture to see (and download) a high-resolution version.

Roger1 & Abigail (Ufford) Terrill, and Thomas0 & Isabel Ufford

Milford's Memorial Bridge, built 1889

Roger & Abigail's stone on bridge

Close-up of Roger & Abigail stone

1989 plaque on Milford's Memorial Bridge

including names of Thomas and Isabel Ufford