Division of Estate of Caleb4 (Daniel3-2, Roger1) Terrill
of New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut
between his lawful heirs signed 11 January 1797

Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, 9 April 2021

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Caleb4 Terrill was born 3 Dec 1717, to Daniel3 and Zerviah (Canfield) Terrill; baptized 30 April 1738 at Milford, New Haven county, CT and died aged 78 at New Milford, Litchfield county, CT 23 February 1796 (gravestone). He married in 1739, Abigail Bassett, daughter of John Bassett. Abigail was born at Stratford, Fairfield county, CT 8 June 1720 and died at New Milford 1 November 1817 aged 97 (gravestone). Of their large family of fourteen children, all but two, Benjamin and Doctor, survived Caleb. The children, all born at New Milford:

i Enoch5, b. 12 Aug 1740; bapt. 6 Dec 1741.
ii Caleb, b. 10 Nov 1742; bapt. Nov 1742; m. at New Milford 27 Jan 1768 Eunice Cogswell.
iii Abigail, b. 15 Nov 1744; bapt 18 Nov 1744; m. Samuel Hull; removed to Catskill, N. Y.
iv Stephen, b. 7 Nov 1746; m. at New Milford 7 Feb 1781, Hephzibah Griffith.
v Isaac, b. 22 May 1749.
vi Freelove, b. 22 Sept 1751; bapt. Sept. 1751; m. Samuel Turner.
vii Mary, b. 6 Dec 1753; m. Jacob Reed.
viii John, b. 16 Mar 1756; d. at New Milford 19 Feb 1829 ae. 72-11-3 (gravestone) m. (1) 18 Oct 1786 Elizabeth Buck, who d. 16 Mar 1812 ae. 52-1-3 (gravestone) daughter of James and Elizabeth Buck; m. (2) on 13 Oct 1819 Polly Stilson, who d. 24 June 1853 ae. 83-3-7 (gravestone) daughter of Riverius and Anna Stilson.
ix Job, b. 17 Apr 1758; d. at New Milford 23 July 1822 ae. 64.
x Joel, b. 8 June 1760.
xi Jared, b. 18 Oct 1762; d. 27 Sept 1833 Pleasant Ridge, Hamilton county, OH ae. 70 (gravestone); m. at New Milford 22 Feb 1789 Hannah Buck.
xii Benjamin, b. 15 Dec 1765; died without issue.
xiii Major, (twin) b. 26 Nov. 1768; d. at New Milford 4 Oct 1847 ae. 78 (gravestone); m. Tamar Oviatt.
xiv Doctor, (twin) b. 26 Nov. 1768; d. at New Milford 14 Oct 1790 ae. 21.

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There are four types of documents for Caleb4 Terrill at Ancestry.com (subscription required), i.e., his will, bonds, inventory and the distribution document following, although it is referred to as “An inventory”. All of his surviving children and their spouses are named.

Cover page:
An Inventory of the Estate of Mr. Caleb Terrill Deceased b
1797 January 7th
Accepted & ordered to be recorded
 (signature of clerk)
And Recorded in Book 3d page 18

Page 1:
Know all Men by these presents that We ^ Abigail Terrill Widow – and Enoch Terrill, Caleb Terrill, Stephen Terrill, Isaac Terrill, John Terrill, Job Terrill, Joel Terrill, Jared Terrill, Major Terrill, Samll Hull & Abigail his wife, Samll Turner & Freelove his wife, Jacob Reed & Mary his wife; All being of lawful age and being the whole of the heirs of Caleb Terrill late of New Milford, deceased – do by these presents divide between ourselves the estate of sd deceased according to his will, in manner following (viz) First, To the Executors of sd Will, for the payment of Debts & charges due from sd estate out of the personal estate, at Inventory price the sum of, forty two pounds, fourteen shillings & ten pence. – Secondly, to the Widow of said deceased, one equal third part of the residue of said personal estate, at Inventory price, being the sum of Seventeen pounds sixteen shillings & four pence. – Thirdly To Enoch Terrill, eldest Son of the deceased, according to the Will of sd deceased over and above sd Enochs Share out of the residue of sd personal estate at Inventory price the sum of five pounds lawful money – fourthly To the above said Widow according to said Will, two cows, as mentioned, in sd Inventory, both at ten pounds four shillings & six pence – fifthly To Enoch Terrill, Caleb Terrill, Stephen Terrill, Jared Terrill & Major Terrill all of whom have received nothing toward their several portions, an equal Share each of the the (sic) residue of said estate both real and personal each of said Shares being thirty two pounds nineteen shillings & nine pence each – and to John Terrill, who has received £ 2 – 10 – the ballance of his share being £ 30 .9 . 9. – and To Job Terrill

Page 2:
Who has received £ 13 – 10 – the ballance of his share being £ 19 – 9 – 9 – and To Joel Terrill, who has received £2 - 10 the balance of his share being £ 30 – 9 – 9 – ^[and to Isaac Terrill nothing, he having received his whole share] and To Abigail Hull wife of Samll Hull, who have received £ 9 – 17 – the balance of her Share being £ 6 – 12 – 10 and To Freelove Turner, wife of Samll Turner Who have received £ 23 : 15 : 6 – Nothing as her Share being only --- 16 – 9 – 10 she hath received over her Share £ 7 – 8 – 0 – and Mary Reed wife of Jacob Reed – nothing, she having recd above her Share being £ 16 - 9 – 10, the sum of £ 3 : 5 : 8 --- all of which Shares, set out, as aforesaid, are under the incumbrance of said Widows third in said lands & buildings of the real estate during her natural life – which third part, is now set to her, to be divided out to her as shall be agreed upon between her, and Job Terrill & Major Terrill, to whom the aforesaid other heirs have this day sold their Shares in sd land; and therefore do not divide them by location, but by Shares, as aforesaid, - and we do hereby, acknowledge, each for him & herself, that we have received of the Executors, and of each other, our several Shares of the personal estate, included in the aforesaid Shares; and thereof and therefor, viz sd personal estate, we do Each one for him & herself, hereby discharge said Executors & each other from all demands for our sd Shares, in sd personal estate, and of and from all demands whatsoever, on sd Executors, and each other, for any further accountableness to us or either of us for said estate ^[both real and personal] or any account whatever and we do hereby, firmly agree each and every of us, that, we will refund, to said Executors, each his proportion, including the

Page 3:
the said Executors own proportions, of all debts, which shall hereafter appear against sd estate and which said Executors shall be compelled to pay – according to our several Shares, in proportion, as aforesaid ---- and in Testimony of all and singular the premises; we the undersigned aforesaid and above named - have hereunto set out hands and seals, at New Milford, the 11th day of January Anno Dom – 1797.

      her mark
In presence of, Abigail ^xTurril
Danll Everitt Enoch Terril
Caleb Turell Jr. Caleb Tyrril
Elisha Hale Stephen Turril
George Hale Isaac Terrill
John Terril
Job Terril
Joel Turril
Jared Turrill
Major Terrill
Jacob Reed
Mary Reed
Abigail Hull
Samuel Hull
Freelove Turner
Samuel Turner

a The American Genealogist, Vol. 25, no. 1 (Jan. 1949), pp. 43, 44 & 51 "The Terrill Family of Connecticut," by Donald Lines Jacobus.
b Estate document from the Connecticut Probate Court, Hartford, CT: Ancestry.com.