Milford Land Records for Roger1 Terrill

(LDS Film # 4918)

Transcriptions by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, May 2009

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Volume I, Page 1: (PDF, 1.6 MB)

November 20th 1639

These persons whose names are here under written [are allowed]
to be free planters having for the present lib[erty to act]
In the Choice of Public officers for the
Public Affaires in this Plantation.

Zachariah Whitman Henry Stonhill Thomas [Lawrence]
Thomas Welsh Nathaniel Baldwin Thomas [Stanford]
Thomas Wheeler James Prudden Timothy [Baldwin]
Edmond Tappe Thomas Baker Georg [Clark Junr]
Thomas Buckingham George Clarke Senr John Bu[rwell]
Richard Miles George Hubburt Henry B[otsford]
Richard Platt Jasper Gunn Joseph B[aldwin]
Thomas Topping John Fletcher Philip H[atley]
Mr. Peter Prudden Alex: Bryan Nicholas [Camp]
William Fowler Frances Bolts John R[ogers]
John Astwood Micah Tomkins Thomas [Uffott]
Richard Baldwin John Birdsey Nathaniel [Briscoe]
Benjamin Fenn Edmond Harvy Thomas T[ibbulls]
Samuell Coley John Lane John Sh[arman]
John Peacocke William East

The power is setled in the Church to chuse persons out [of themselves] to divide the land into Lotts, as they shall have light [from the] word of God, and to take order for the timber.

Robert Plum John Baldwin William [Brookes]
Roger Terrel William Slough Robert T[reat]
Joseph Northrupp Andrew Benton Henry Ly[on]

William Fowler Edmond Tappe Zachariah Whitman [John] Astwood Richard Miles are chosen for Judges in al civill [Affaires who] Are to try al causes Between man and man, as [a Court] to punish any offence and Sin against the Command[ments] wherein, till A Body of Lawes Shall be Establish[ed to] observe and Apply them Selves to the rule of the [written word of] God.

Note: The tight binding of the Record Book containing this document precluded the ability to photocopy what was written on the far right-hand side of this document. The words and phrases in the brackets "[ ]" were taken from a later handwritten transcription on the same film.