Milford Land Records for Roger1 Terrill

(LDS Film # 4918)

Transcriptions by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, May 2009

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Volume I, Title Page: (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Milford third Booke of Records
With a Transcript of the most nessisary
Things Contayned in the two Former
Books Transcribed by Major Robert
Treat Thomas Welsh George Clarke
John Stream Nicholas Campe ~
Thomas Samford and Samuel
Ells, any four of them being
A Commitie Chosen by the
Towne. Samuel Ells
Appoynted to write
The same as (ye)?
Towne order
January ye 7th
Anno Dom

Volume I, Page 1: (PDF, 1.6 MB)

November 20th 1639

These persons whose names are here under written [are allowed]
to be free planters having for the present lib[erty to act]
In the Choice of Public officers for the
Public Affaires in this Plantation.

Zachariah Whitman Henry Stonhill Thomas [Lawrence]
Thomas Welsh Nathaniel Baldwin Thomas [Stanford]
Thomas Wheeler James Prudden Timothy [Baldwin]
Edmond Tappe Thomas Baker Georg [Clark Junr]
Thomas Buckingham George Clarke Senr John Bu[rwell]
Richard Miles George Hubburt Henry B[otsford]
Richard Platt Jasper Gunn Joseph B[aldwin]
Thomas Topping John Fletcher Philip H[atley]
Mr. Peter Prudden Alex: Bryan Nicholas [Camp]
William Fowler Frances Bolts John R[ogers]
John Astwood Micah Tomkins Thomas [Uffott]
Richard Baldwin John Birdsey Nathaniel [Briscoe]
Benjamin Fenn Edmond Harvy Thomas T[ibbulls]
Samuell Coley John Lane John Sh[arman]
John Peacocke William East

The power is setled in the Church to chuse persons out [of themselves] to divide the land into Lotts, as they shall have light [from the] word of God, and to take order for the timber.

Robert Plum John Baldwin William [Brookes]
Roger Terrel William Slough Robert T[reat]
Joseph Northrupp Andrew Benton Henry Ly[on]

William Fowler Edmond Tappe Zachariah Whitman [John] Astwood Richard Miles are chosen for Judges in al civill [Affaires who] Are to try al causes Between man and man, as [a Court] to punish any offence and Sin against the Command[ments] wherein, till A Body of Lawes Shall be Establish[ed to] observe and Apply them Selves to the rule of the [written word of] God.

Note: The tight binding of the Record Book containing this document precluded the ability to photocopy what was written on the far right-hand side of this document. The words and phrases in the brackets "[ ]" were taken from a later handwritten transcription on the same film.

Volume I, Page 12: (PDF, 1.5 MB)

A Generall Court at Milford December 24th 1646 ordered that Roger Terrell is to give backe againe, that land which is in his possession, which was laid out for Philip Hatley.

Ordered that all, and every part and parcell of every mans land, both upland meadow, and house lotts shall be recorded in A Book keept for that purpose, and whatsoever part or parcel of any mans land, shall be Sold, or Allianated, or Exchanged or given from time to time, or at any time hereafter, it shall be brought, by either he or they, who bought the said land or meadow, unto him appoynted to record, to be entered in the said Book of records, and by both the parties who so Exchang, or he that hath it a gift, before the particular court, next after such bargain or Allianation. And such land or meadow soe Exchanged or given upon pain of forfiture double the price for recording it, and what other damage may follow, upon such Defects. and he who is appointed to enter the afforesaid lands, or meadow, shall give into the next particuler court, after such Allianations Exchangs or gifts, A copie of such allianations, exchanges or gifts, as have been before, that accordingly the court may levie, & dispose such rates as are due upon the right and proper owner of the land, from time to time, and may cause the treasurer to require, that which is Just upon Every man.....

Note: On December 24, 1646, it was ordered by the General Court that every transfer of property, whether by sale, gift or inheritance, should be recorded in a special book. The fee for recording the transfer was to be twopence, and twopence for a copy of the deed. Two months was the time limit allowed for recording a land transfer, with a fourpence penalty for failure to comply with the law. (History of Milford Connecticut 1639-1939, Federal Writers Project, Page 24.)

Volume I, Page 20: (PDF, 1.7 MB)

A General Court at Milford [illegible]

Ord that Mr Prudden shall have his half division in place where he desireth (which is) in the bottom [of] his owne and other mens meadow near unto [pa__...] River.

Ord that Nicholas Camp Senr shall have a peece of his half division in the place where he desireth [. .] beyond Mr. Whitmans meadow near Pagasich. Thomas Tibbulls is granted a piece of land for his quarter division in a place where he desireth [which is] unto the beaver pond. And Roger Terrell his last quarter in that place by him if there be Enough.

Volume I, "Home Lotts" Page 80: (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Roger Terrill hath two acres three Roods and twenty poles be it more or less, being bounded with a high way to the west, Philip Hatley on the north with other lotts to the South East, and Sergeant Camp to the South.

Volume I, Page 81: (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Roger Terrill hath Sixteen acres be it more or less being bounded with a high way to the North and South, with John Lanes to the East and Phillip Hatlyes on the West.

Volume I, Page 98: (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Roger Terrill hath one acre be it more or less, being bounded with a Creek East and west, with John Birdseys South, and with Phillip Hatleys North.

Poconock Creek Meadow: 1646

Roger Terrill hath five acres be it more or less, being bounded with a high way Sergant Camps and Phillip Hatleys South, with a Creek East, with a high way and the Common North, and with the Common West.

Volume I, Page 113: (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Rogger Terrill hath for his halfe Division of Land Nine acres a halfe and five pole, and for Satisfaction for his home lott, one Rood & twenty pole whereof one [part] Containing Six acres, bee it more or less, lyeth on bever pond plaine bounded with a high way South, East and West, with Henry Botchfords North Another parcell lyeth on bever pond plaine Containing four acres and a halfe which halfe [being] to Equall it to other land, bounded with a high way north & south with [illegible] East, with Common West: (note) halfe an acre for satisfaction is not to be charged [with rates]

Volume I, Page 114: (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Roger Terrill hath for his Second division of Meadow two acres and one Rood bee it more or less, lying in the Oyster Meadow bounded with a Creek East, with Mr. Fowlers South, with the Common West, and with John Roggers North.

Volume I, Page 127: (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Roger Tirrill hath for his halfe Division of Lande Seventeen Acres and twenty pole, which lyeth on the New Medow Plaine or Field the Meddow Shott and to Equall it with other lands, Eight acres one Rood and twenty pole, in all twenty five acres and an half bee it more or less, being bound with Samuell Coley North, Nicholas Camp South wast land west and the high way East, (Note, that Fourteen acres and three roods is not to pay Rates.

Volume I, Page 136: (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Roger Terrill hath two acres of land lying in the West field and to Equall it with other lands six acres in all Eight acres bee it more or less, being bounded with his own land East Joseph Northrupps land South, and the Comon West and North.

Volume I, Page 146: (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Roger Terrill hath for his first halfe Division Tenn acres and to Equal it to other lands five acres, in all Fifteen acres lying att Wigwam hill, being bounded with the high way East and North, with a high way and the Ministers Lott, the River or a little waste land West, and a high way and farmer Clarks South and by that high way nineteen rods in breadth and in length one hundred and sixty rods, and by John Uffits fence, the length of Uffitts Lott, and by the high way South, it is twelve Rods wide.

Item, for his last halfe Division Tenn Acres whereof one parcell lyeth beyond the Negrowes well Containing seven acres, and to Equall it to other lands, seven acres in all Fourteen acres, being bounded with his own land and the Northrupps land East, with Capt. Beards land South, a path of six rods wide to the poynt West, Thomas Tibball Junr North, And another parcell att Break Neck plaine, Containing three acres Seized acre For acres, being Eighty Rods long, and Six Rods wide being bounded with Samuell Newton East, with Common South, with Nathaniell Baldwin weaver his land, West & North.

His son Joseph Terrill hath for his first halfe Divison Five acres and to Equall it to the other lands five acres in all Tenn acres bound with Thomas Tibbals East, Common South, a high way of two Rods wide north, and with Eliazur Rogers South.

Item, for his second halfe Division Five acres, and to Equall it to other lands one acre, lying in the Oyster Meddow or river plain being bounded with Roger Newton East, a path South, in Oviatt West and Comon North, In length Fourty Rods, in breadth twenty Rods.

Volume I, Page 166: (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Roger Terrill bought of Henry Botchford one parcell of land Containing one acre and a halfe and of John Rogers one acre a halfe be it more or less, lying togethers on bever pond plain, bounded with a [off of page] West, with George Clark Junr, North, now Henry Botchfords East, and with his own land South.

Volume II, Page 52: (PDF, 1.6 MB)

General Court held at Milford March 19th 1659 or 60.....

Page 53: (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Concerning the land in the New Meadow plain the town Agreed by a full vote first to lay out that lott beyond Jesper Gunns lott then to lay out the midle shott* and to begin to lay out next the New Meadow path and so to lay out that shott and then to begin at the further end of the shot next the river then to lay out the slipe of ground between the high wayes the first lott in the shott is to lie next the river then the midl shot on the left hand of the new meadow path, and to begin to lay out first at the New meadow path, and then the other shott to begin to lay out at the new meadow path.

These persons that were willing to take up land in the New meadow plain agreed to cast lotts and haveing cast lotts

Joseph Baldwin is to have the first lot
Joseph Peck the ------------------- 2 . . . . . . . . . . . Nicholas Camp --------------------- 10
Junior Clarke ------------------------ 3 . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Bryan ----------------------- 11
Thomas Tibballs -------------------- 4 . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas Hine ------------------------ 12
Mr. Newton --------------------------- 5 . . . . . . . . . . . Richard Holbrook ------------------- 13
John Platt ----------------------------- 6 . . . . . . . . . . . John Lane ---------------------------- 14
Thomas Farman -------------------- 7 . . . . . . . . . . . Senior Clarke ------------------------ 15
Samuell Coley ----------------------- 8 . . . . . . . . . . . Timothy Baldwin -------------------- 16
Roger Terrell ------------------------ 9 . . . . . . . . . . . John Rogers ------------------------- 17

*A shot and shott (or chott) is a shallow brackish or saline marsh or lake usually dry in the summer.