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Our articles and records for Roger1 and his descendants are all filed away in this section. In many cases, the records—both transcriptions and photocopies of originals—can be reached via links in the articles. Use the links at right to navigate up and down the tree.

Roger1 and Abigail (Ufford) Terrill

Articles & Records

Roger1 Terrill of Milford
, by NTT, Apr. 2007.

A new look at our earliest Roger Terrill record, by CWT & NTT, 24 Jun. 2011. Postscript to "A new look ...", 9 Aug. 2011

The 1639, 1643 and 1646 Lists of Milford Free Planters, by NTT, June 2009.

Milford First Congregational Church Records - Vol. I, 1639-1837, by NTT, June 2009

Milford land records for Roger1 Terrill, transcriptions by NTT, May 2009.

Roger Terrill stands up before the Court on behalf of his brother-in-law , by CWT & NTT, July 2009.

Roger1 Terrill's Sons — by Deed We Shall Know You , by NTT, June 2009.

Looking at Roger's inventory....., by NTT, Apr. 2009.