Roger1 Terrill

Hannah2 Terrill (of Milford and Woodbury, Connectictut)

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Hannah2 was baptizedi in August of 1645 at the First Church of Milford, Connecticut, and died at Woodbury, 11 November 1730. In 1670, when Hannah was in her mid-twenties, she had a child out of wedlock by Robert Hudson of Rye, New York. Robert Hudson who fathered her child "was doubtless the Robert Hudson of Rye who was accused by Hannah Terrill of Milford, Conn., in 1670, as the father of her childii."

Hannah's younger brother, Thomas2, was a blacksmith who initially settled in East Hampton, Long Island, New York. A Robert Hudson, also a blacksmith, first appears in East Hampton records in 1694 when he bought land from Thomas Terrill. If this Robert is Hannah's son, he would have been named for his putative father and was about 24 when he bought this land.iii A plausible interpretation of events would be that Thomas looked out for his nephew, the young Robert Hudson.

In 1676, Hannah married John Skeels and after settling initially in Stratford, they went with one of the early companies to Woodbury, Litchfield, Connecticut. John died 5 October 1721 in Woodbury. Hannah and John had seven children: 1-John p. November 1678, d. young; 2- Hannah bp. 10 November 1678, m. Benjamin Hicock; 3 - John bp. November 1679; 4 - Thomas bp. 9 May 1686; 5 - Elizabeth bp. 20 april 1683; 6 - Abigail bp. 9 May 1686; 7 - Ephraim bp. July 1689iv.

New: John Skeel's will, dated 1711, with codicils added in 1713 and 1717, was probated in 1721.


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Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, July 2009