Roger1 Terrill

Abigail2 (Roger1) Terrill

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Abigail2 Terrill was baptized at the same time as her brother, John2, in August of 1644 at the First Church of Milford, Connecticut.

Abigail married William Tyleri by the early 1660s, probably at Milford although no record of their marriage is known to now exist.

William Tyler was given land in Milford in 1646 as recorded in the town land records Vol. 1, pages 135 and 145.

On [12 November 1669ii] "Abigaill Tyler (daughter of brother Terrill) accepted to full communion" in the Milford church. (See original record, PDF, 1.9 MB)

Their twelve children are listed in the Families of New Haven.iii The 8 children surviving to share in William's estate are named in three land deeds, i.e., William Tyler's estate deed of 8 February 1693/4; John and William Tyler's deed of 18 April 1694; and the deed of sale of William Tyler, so described as "of Wallingford" of New Haven, Connecticut, to Sergt. Daniel Baldwin of Milford wherein William also names his brother, Thomas Tyler.

The estate deed of 8 February 1693/4 bears on the surviving female children, those who were married being represented by their husbands, i.e., William Palmer, William Rundol, Joseph Palmer, Sarah Tyler and Hannah Tyler. The other two deeds name the surviving sons William, John and Thomas Tyler.

William resided in Milford, and died there in 1693iii, where it may be surmised Abigail2 died, date unknown.

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Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009