William Tyler (Abigail2) Estate Deed - 8 February 1693/4

Milford Land Records Vol. 3, pages 132 & 133 - LDS #4918

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Know all whom it may concern that we whose names are hereunto Subscribed having something of concernment in the estate of William Tyler Late of Milford deceased doe here by these presents declare that we consent to take what is due to us or our wives at the hand or hands of the Administrator or Administrat[ors] in currant pay at Merchants price or in living Creatures at a price as the parties concerned shall agree, or as indifferent men shall apprise them, and further wee say that the Administrators on the said Estate have here by these presents given them our consent and order to sell the Homested or any part therof which was the above said William Tylers deceased, and give a deed of Sale to any person or persons that shall buy said, wee art willing to take what is so due to us of our Fathers Estate the said William Tyler deceased in other pay such as is above named, this is to be noted that the said living creatures shall be chiefly in Cattle Sheep or Swine and not in horses, and further wee say and ingage for our selves our heirs Executors or Assigns that any person or persons that shall make any purchase of the above said Homested at the hands of the above said Administrators shall themselves their Heirs Executors Assigns peacably and quietly enjoy the same with all priviledges and appurtenances therunto belonging for ever, without any Lett or molestation from by or under us our heirs Executors or Assigns for ever, In Wittnes wherof wee have hereunto subscribed our names this 8 day of February in the Year of our Lord 1693/4.

William Palmer W P his mark
William rundol R his mark
Joseph Palmer JP his mark
Sarah Tyler ST her mark
Hannah Tyler HT her mark

Signed Sealed and delivered in the
presence of us Wittnesses

James renels
Joseph Knap

These that are here
mentioned appeared
before mee and acknowledged
this to be their act and

Recorded Aprll 26
1694 Per A. Bryan Register

John renels Comission[er] (seal)

Deed transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.