Milford Land Records for William (Abigail2) Tyler - 1646

Milford Land Records Vol. 1 - LDS #4918

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(Volume 1, Page 135):

William Tyler hath given him by the town a parcell of Land and Swamp lying in the West Field, Containing two acres and to Equall it to other Lotts Five acres in all Seven acres, bee it more or less, being bounded with Deacon Clarke Land East, Mr. Richard Bryan South, a high way West, and North. Next, that this wood is to be Common for any person as long as any wood doth Remaine. Next, this is to pay Rates for one acre, one Rood and Fourteen Pole.

(Volume 1, Page 145):

William Tyler hath for his Second halfe Divison of Land five acres and to Eq[ual] it to other Lands two acres in all Seven acres bee it more or less lying on the hill by Stratford River against the old oronoque, being bounded with the Common Land South, and Stratford River West, Thomas Welch his halfe Division North, and Nathaniell Briscoe & Common Land East: Next, there is a high way to goe througth it to Thomas Welches Lott, and the other lott lying on the West of the abovesaid Nathaniell Briscoes Lott.

Deeds transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.