Roger1 Terrill's Sons — by Deed We Shall Know You

by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009

Posted to this site, in "Roger's Tree" under each of Roger1 and Abigail's children, are links to the transcriptions for land transactions between the children with a link to a copy of the original document. These documents prove the relationship between the siblings and to Roger1, and also show where the sons lived when these documents were executed.

The eldest son, John2, of Milford, in June of 1696, sold to Daniel "my naturalle brother of said Milford," Johns share "belonging to mee of my fathers Homested."

Samuel2, of "Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk upon Long Island," in June of 1688 sold to Daniel of Milford his "right and title" in the house, barn, homelot and orchard in Milford "which did formerly belong unto my Honoured Father Roger Terrell of said Milford deceased." In May of 1704 Samuel, again of Brookhaven, sold to "my Brother Daniell Terrill of Milford" several parcells of land and meadows formerly belonging unto "my honoured father Roger," and his part of the land that "was the land of my Brother Joseph Terrill late of said Milford deceased." Also mentioned in this deed is "brother John Terrill."

Roger2, of Woodbury, in June 1690 sold to "Daniell Terrill my brother of Milford," Roger's "Right Title and Interest" in "my brother Joseph Terrill his Estate late of Milford," deceased.

Thomas2, of "East-Hampton upon Long Island" in June of 1688, sold to "Daniel Terrell of Milford" all his "right Title and interest" in land formerly belonging to "my Honoured father Roger Terrell." In May of 1694, Thomas, this time described as "of Essex County in the Province of East Jarsey," sold to "my brother Daniel Terrill of Milford" several parcels of land "which was part of my inheritance and portion in my fathers lands who was late of Milford deceased," and bordered in part by land of his "brother Samuell Terrill." In this same deed Thomas also sold a parcel that was his part of "brother Joseph Terrils," bordered in part "with brother John Terrill his land." Thomas Terrell of "Elizabeth Town in the County of Essex in East New Jersey," in May of 1703, sold to "my natural Brother John Terrell of Milford" land that bounded John's own land.

Daniel2, of Milford, in May of 1697, exchanged land with Samuell Beech first laid out to Joseph Terrill. In February of 1705/6, Daniel exchanged with Eliezar Rogers, ten acres first "layed out to my brother Joseph Terrill by way of Division and after the Decease of said Joseph Terrill was the Lott of Samuel Terrill my natural Brother late of Long Island."

These deeds make very clear the relationship of Roger's surviving sons, and the places where they resided.