Is the font size too small, or too large?

You can change the font size. How you do so depends on what browser you're using. Here's what we know so far:

Mozilla Firefox 3

Press Control + to increase the font size (along with the frame size), or Control - to decrease it. By "Control +" we mean that you should hold the Control key down while pressing the "+" key (or the "=" key).

Internet Explorer 7

First, try Control + , as described above, or the Zoom Level feature at the bottom right corner of the IE7 window. If horrendous things happen, then here's a work-around solution:

First, we need to check a setting:
Click on Tools on the menu bar,
then click on Internet Options in the drop-down menu,
then click on the Accessibility button near the bottom right,
and check the box for "Ignore font sizes specified on web pages"
(and everything else should be un-checked).

Now, click on View on the menu bar,
then click on Text Size in the drop-down menu,
then click on Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, or Smallest.

SeaMonkey 1.1.17

Control + increases text size but not frame size. View / Text Zoom does the same.

Safari 4 (on Apple Mac, with Mac OS X)

Command + increases text size and frame size simultaneously. Article layout changes very slightly, as with Firefox. (Control + does nothing.)

Other Browsers?

We don't know yet. If you know, let us know!

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