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This page contains links to reports on research under way at DOR-Terrill, to find Roger's England roots, to examine likely Terrill possibilities in England, and to find the sources of undocumented statements concerning Roger's life in New England.

Possible Roger1s, by CWT & NTT, started 23 Mar. 2010 and updated from time to time. This is an extended report on DOR research focussed on studying all the "Roger Terrills" who show up in records of early 17th and late 16th C. England (and elsewhere). We're thinking that if we learn as much as possible about these various candidates, it might become obvious that one in particular deserves special attention, in which case we can point our research efforts in that direction. It helps our research efforts simply to have all the available information laid out in one place. If, after studying our report, you have information to share (pertaining to primary records, preferably), please do so.

Undocumented Roger1 Stories, by CWT & NTT, started 4 Apr. 2010 and updated from time to time. This is an extended report on DOR research focussed on examining all the many Roger1 stories which have been published or retold since his lifetime, most of which make assertions which are not backed up by source citations. What is truth and what is fiction? It's hard to tell, but maybe it will help to study and compare stories, and to find their origins. And perhaps, with your help, we can determine some sources.

Roger Terrill of Surrey—A Monumental Record?, by CWT, 28 Aug. 2009. This article concerns a very peculiar record which DOR member Phyllis Richardson brought to our attention in early July—a reference to a tombstone inscription in Rahway Public Cemetery, Rahway, NJ: Roger Terrill or Tyrrel of Surrey, England, settled in New England about 1638. We cannot find the monument! What can be made of this? How can we proceed? These are the basic questions addressed in the article.

Thomas Ufford, emigrant aboard the Lyon, 1632, (PDF, 1.1 MB), by CWT, Aug. 2009. This article examines the 1632 Custom-House list on which the name "Thomas Uffitt" appears, and presents the transcriptions published by Savage, Drake and Hotten, in 1852, 1860 and 1874. It also examines the reconstructed "ship passenger list" published by Banks in Planters of the Commonwealth in 1930, along with Banks's best-guess for Ufford's parish-of-origin. Much of the information on Thomas Ufford in Planters is found to be erroneous. This article is to be the first in a series by DOR on Thomas Ufford. We know that the paths of Roger Terrill and Thomas Ufford crossed at some time, of course, since Roger married Thomas's daughter Abigail. But we don't know when they crossed. It might have been in New Haven, Wethersfield, Springfield, or Roxbury; or it might have been in England. So a detailed study of the records concerning Thomas Ufford could help us in our search for Roger's England roots. Even if not, though, it'll still be interesting to see what we can learn of the story of Thomas Ufford.

Research Report: The Banks reference to Roger Terrill of Wapping and Copthall, 1621, by Conrad W. Terrill and Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, 29 Apr. 2009. This report deals with a reference in the Banks genealogical collection (which is currently in the custody of the Library of Congress) to Roger Terrill of Wapping and Copthall in 1621. DOR2 has made some very interesting discoveries with respect to this reference.

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