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Articles rendered invalid by new DOR research

As we proceed with our various DOR research projects some of our past theoretical work will undoubtedly succumb to new theories, based on new information or on the invalidation of old information. We don't want to mislead interested parties with invalidated articles, so they will be collected here, out of the mainstream, and they will be replaced eventually with updated versions. We don't want to simply delete these articles because we want to record the fact that they've been rendered invalid.

What Do We KNOW About Roger1 Terrill, by NTT, 2007

This article has been invalidated principally by our Banks reference research, in which we learned that the Copt Hall in Epping was not the Copt Hall referred to in the 1621 lay subsidy assessment for Ossulstone hundred. We've decided that we actually know next to nothing about Roger1's life in England right now, so a revision of this article will have to wait until we know something.