The DOR1 Newsletters

Here is the complete set of newsletters published by the Corresponding Society, Descendants of Roger Terrill of Milford, Connecticut, from 1989 to 1995. All of the newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, each with a file length of about 14 MB.

Volume I Number 1 - January 1989 Inaugural Issue:

Roger's Family - Outline of Roger and Abigail's family.

The DOR Logo - The Tyrell "knot" standard and motto (illus).

Milford Celebrates 350th Year

John Upton Terrell - Author

Volume I Number 2 - February 1989:

Milford's Memorial Bridge - Roger's stone & Ufford (photo).

Thomas Terrill and His Wives

Who Was Roger Terrill? - Connec. with Davenport-Eaton Co.

Discovering Our Ancestors - Story of Zalmon Terrill-NY 1790's.

Volume I Number 3 - March 1989:

DOR members Charts of Descent-Mayes, Moss & spell. of Terrill.

Uncovering the Thomas Trail-Exploring questions about wives.

Who Was Roger Terrill?-1636 Ship Tax and Copthall reference.

Milford's 350th...Let's Celebrate! - More on 350th.

Volume I Number 4 - April, May, June 1989:

More on Thomas and His Wives

Betsey Terrill- Bp. 1728 m. Christopher Prentice

More on New Jersey Lines - Warren Terrill

How Many Ancestors? - Ancestor Progression.

Volume I Number 5 - July, Aug, Sept 1989:

A Glorious Day!!-Terrill Reunion & Milford 350th (photos & maps)

More Connecticut...-Naugatuck and Waterbury areas (illus).

Thomas Terrill - Dayton clarification.

Remembering Thomas Ufford - Father of Abigail.

Volume I Number 6 - October, November, December 1989:

Pension Records - Leander Tyrell, Moscow, Idaho.

New Jersey 1790 Census

The Tyrrel "Holy Snake" Legend - Ancient East Horndon.

Divorce Records - Archives for Litchfield, CT.

Genealogical Pitfalls - The Calendar in Colonial times.

Volume II Number 1 - January, February, March 1990:

Roger's Signature - Analysis of original signature (illus).

Organ Builder, Electronics Wizard - Mbr Dudley Terrill (photo).

The "Turrel Train" - Jared Daniel Turrel (photo).

Dinichthys - Terrelli "Terrell's Terrible Fish"-Jay's discovery.

Isabel ( ) Ufford - More on origins.

Volume II Number 2 - April, May, June 1990:

Tyrrell Hill, Ohio - Settlement by Elijah and Abijah (pic).

Asahel6Tyrrell Family History Traces from Nathan3.

Revolutionary War Pensions and Military Service of Terrills

Philander Terrell - Incident in War of 1812 Ohio.

Volume II Number 3 - Fall 1990:

Hampshire County, England - New Forest (map - photo).

Tyrrell's 125 Years of Traditional Wine Marking - Australia.

Thomas Terrill - Southold connection.

Jehiel Terrill - Letters 1828-1831 OH and NJ.

National Archives Revolutionary War Pension Records

Abraham Terrill - Rahway, NJ (photo).

Volume II Number 4 - Winter 1990:

Pioneer Celebration at Ridgeville, Ohio - 1880.

Philander Lorenzo Tyrrel??? B. 1812 NY. Lived OH,MO,IA (photo).

New York Central Station & Turrel's Train - Plaque (pic).

Heman Bassett Turrill - Letters c. 1839-41 OH and IN.

Joel Turrill - Rev. War incident & family (map).

Volume III Number 1 - Spring 1991:

Guardianship Papers Abigail - With illustration.

Terrill Homestead - Conneaut Lake, Crawford Co., PA (photo).

Jehiel Terrill - Crawford Co., PA settler c. 1797.

The N.J. - Crawford County, PA Connection - Includes chart & map.

Hannah Elizabeth Terrill - Ancestry. B. 1827 Pike co., PA.

Dick Tyrrell Shot - Kansa 1878

Volume III Number 2 - Summer 1991:

The Connecticut-Susquehanna County, PA Connection - Settlers, chart & map

Abel Turrill - Obit of 1891.

"The Jerseys" Mystery Solved - East & West, Nathanial (illus).

Terrill Vital Records As Abstracted From Barbour Collection.

Samuel Terrill - NY 1686.

Laurel Hubert Tyrrell & Family - Photograph

Volume III Number 3 - Fall 1991:

"Three Brothers" - Flaws in story.

Ray Terrill Public Enemy - Connection with Ma Barker's gang.

Plan Of The Original Town Plot of Milford - 1646 town plan map.

New York Terrells - Chenango and Otsego counties settlers.

Ohio Wolf Bounties - Lorain County, OH early records.

Volume III Number 4 - Winter 1991:

More on Ufford/Terrill Origins-Roxbury and Nazeing connection.

Revolutionary War Chain of Command - Regmt. organ. & uniforms.

Union County, New Jersey-History, records, ceme. inscps. (map).

More on NJ - Crawford County, PA Connection.

Volume IV Number 1 - Spring 1992:

Ireland's Tyrrelpass and Tyrreltown; London tower (photo).

Mortality Schedules - From U.S. Census for 1850-1885.

Terrill-Jefferson Davis Connection - Wm. Terrill (illus).

Index to The Terrill Family of Connecticut - Vol. 25/6 TAG.

Volume IV Number 2 - Summer 1992:

Pencil sketch by John Lyman Turrel 1839-1913. Sketch

Tyrrells and The Wild, Wild West-Leander Tyrrell (photo).

John, Josiah & Samuel Proof - Deed of 1720 (map).

Laurel Hubert Tyrrell - Obit of 1910 (photo).

Terrill Dam Fly - Fishing fly named after Perly John Terrill.

Volume IV Number 3 - Fall 1992:

"The Prospector" - Poem by Frank Gill Tyrrell with bio.

Electa (Wilmot) Terrell - Wife of Tillotson (photo).

Joseph Smith "The Prophet" - Tyrrell connections.

Family of Ezra Terrill - From Rev. War pension records.

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology-Canada (photo, illus, map).

Caleb Heirs Signatures-Variety of spelling of names (illus).

Volume IV Number 4 - Winter 1992:

"Tyrell Chapel" in All Saints - Essex, Eng. (photos, illus).

Martial S. Tyrrell - Homestead papers, signature (illus).

Thomas Terrill of New Jersey-1st of two-part on origins (map).

Samuel Tirrell - From Rev. War pension and other records.

Volume V Number 1 - Spring 1993:

Pictorial Artist T.S. Terrel, H.D.-His art with illustration.

Descendants of Nathaniel Terrill-Family history (photo, illus).

Thomas Terrill of New Jersey - Second part (illus, map).

Connecticut "Ear Marks" - Waterbury, Ct (illus).

Josiah Terrill Family in The Revolutionary War.

Volume V Number 2 - Summer 1993:

"Terrillness" Traits - Artistic family members (illus).

Waterbury/Naugatuck/Prospect Burying Grounds With photos & maps.

Ordinance of 1785 - Land division.

Joseph Goodwin Terrill 1838-1895 - Rev. CT, NY, OH, IL (photo).

Volume V Number 3 - Fall 1993:

White Rose for Sir James, Red Rose for Sir Thomas - History.

First Census of the United States-Connecticut 1790 - Listing.

John Terrill of New London - Exploration of early settler.

Nathan Turrel's High Treason - In gaol Rev War (illus).

Volume V Number 4 - Winter 1993:

Newtown, CT to West Virginia - Thomas S. desc. (photo & illus).

More on Nathan in Gaol - Exploration of descent.

Phineas and Mary's Heartbreak - Family 1794 tragedy.

First Census of the United States 1790 - Maine, NY, PA, VT.

The Oregon Trail - Trail and Charles & Telitha Terrill (map).

Volume VI Number 1 - Spring 1994:

Lora Beebe - Wife of Philander Laurel Tyrrell, vital records (illus).

First Census of the United States 1790 - Maryland & Massachusetts.

Colonial Relationships - In documents.

The Civil War - Vicksburg - Misc. and Terrill incidents in the war.

Volume VI Number 2 - Summer 1994:

Benjamin G. Tyrrell Line Uncovered - Desc from Nathan of CT (photo, map).

Harriet of Middlebury - Obit of 1903.

Hannah Terrill Deed - Deed executed Milford 1722/3.

Blanche Spears Trussell - Memorial.

New Haven Vital Records - Marriages 1847/8.

Volume VI Number 3 - Fall 1994:

Quantril and "Bad Ed" Terrill - Bio. And role in capture & death (map).

Index of Wills, Inventories, Etc. of New Jersey - 1715 - 1900.

James L. Gray - Memorial (photo).

Computer Services - Review of services.

Volume VI Number 4 - Winter 1994:

Civil War Letters - Tyrrels of Monroe County, IA (photo, map).

Milford Records - 1646 - Roger restore land, property settlmts (illus).

Settlement of Milford - "Pillars", first church (illustrated).

Leman Turrell - Susquehanna, PA - Bio. And obit of 1848.

Volume VII Number 1 - Spring 1995:

The Paper Trail - Ancestry of Benajah Turrel discovered (illus).

Connecticut Probate Packets Index - For Terrill name (Part I of II).

If a Weed Lives Long Enough... - Bramwell Terrill's green thumb.

Terrill Talk - Mortimer8 Terrill child. (photo): John L. Terrill of IA.

Volume VII Number 2 - Summer 1995:

Abraham Terrill - and Terrill Tavern, Rahway, Union Co., NJ (illus-map).

Connecticut Probate Packets Index - Part II - Concluded.

Descendants of Bennett Spencer7 Terrell - Ancestry with group photo.

DOR Terrill Membership - 1995 - Complete list of members (Standard illus).

Thomas Ufford - Discussion of origins and migration.

Volume VII Number 3 - Fall 1995:

Rhoda (Williams) Terrell - Discussion of Williams descent (illus).

Soundex - How to use, codes, etc.

Daniel2's Mother-in-Law - Ruth (Clark) Fitch Plum Wheeler (illus).

Bruce Tyrrell Publishes - Terrill book announcement (photo).

Another Terrill line in Crawford Co, PA - David Covey7 Terrill (photo).

Population of U.S. Colonies 1650 - 1700 - Growth in CT.

Volume VII Number 4 - Winter 1995:

War of 1812 Leaves Turrel Widow With 6 - Jared6 Turrel and widow (illus).

Roger Williams Connection - Samuel4 Terrel line to Amy6 & Seymour6.

Descendants of (Eleazer) Homer7 Terrell - Group photos.

Pinehill Cemetery Rubbing - Terril stones/rubbing of Moses4 (photo, illus).

Terrell-Leroy-Lear-Ward Work Completed! - Family book announcement.

The following indexes, contributed by Don C. Terrill, cover all but volume VII:

Index -- vols. I to III (PDF, 20 MB)

Index -- vols. IV to VI (PDF, 16 MB)