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On this page DOR-Terrill members are welcome to list contact information, areas of interest, and items that they would be willing to share with other members. If you can help anyone on this list, or if you are interested in what someone has to offer, please contact the person directly. To add your name and (brief!) submission to this list, contact Conrad (cwterrill@comcast.net).

Pamela Poulin ( poulinmayer@earthlink.net )
. (Terrel: .., Thomas Read8, Thomas Stephen7, Nathaniel Buckingham6, Irijah5, Moses4, Josiah3, John2)
Wanted: Info on Nathaniel Buckingham Terrel (d.1871), his wife Sarah (Eager, Edgar, Edger?) Terrel (d. ca. 1894) and descendants of his 15 children in the mid to late 19th C., including artist Thomas Stephen Terrel.
Can share: Transcription of Garret[t] Lewis Terrel Civil War Records from National Archives.
Can share: Transcription of family tree (including information on his 15 children and their descendants (as of 1927, and in some cases, beyond)), "Estate of Sarah H. Ramdell, Summary of Her Genealogy, beginning with Irijah Terrel."
Can share: Transcription of all Terrel (and variant spelling) listings in New York City Directories (1839-1933) and in Brooklyn Directories (1877-1933) from directories available at New York State Library (Albany) and NYC Municipal Archives (Chambers Street).

Bill Terrill ( airvalves@comcast.net )
. (Ralph Desmond11, Ralph Perley10, William Herbert9, Newton Alonzo8, Moses7, Timothy6, Arad5, Lewis4, Josiah3, Thomas2)
Wanted: Any and all up-to-date, documented descendant branches of Roger Terrill and Abigail Ufford plus documented corrections to my file (PDF, 1.6 MB).
Can share: All information I have including family tree and pictures of several branches.
Can share: "Descendants of Jonathan Murray of East Guilford, CT" from which there are several marriages into Terrill's and vice versa.
Can share: Free downloads from http://www.billterrill.com.

Conrad Terrill ( cwterrill@comcast.net )
. (.., Frederick Weld9, Moses Weld8, Moses7, Timothy6, Arad5, Lewis4, Josiah3, Thomas2)
Wanted: Pictures of Newton Alonzo Terrill (1829-?), Lester Horatio Terrill (1833-1898) and Carlos B. Terrill (1847-?), of Morristown, VT.
Wanted: Information concerning Lewis4 Terrill (Josiah3, Thomas2), when he lived in Canaan, NY (~1796 to perhaps 1800), including picture of tombstone, if it exists.
Can share: Articles & pictures concerning Moses Weld Terrill (1826-1905), of Morristown VT and Middlefield CT, and his descendants.