Roger1 Terrill

John2 Terrill

David4 Terrill
Ruth4 Terrill
Daniel4 Terrill
Abigail4 Terrill
Jonathan4 Terrill
Comfort4 Terrill
Eunice4 Terrill
Nathan4 Terrill
Asael4 Terrill
Lowis (Lois)4 Terrill
Hezekiah4 Terrill

Nathan3 Terrill

Baptism, 22 Nov. 1693, Milford Church (PDF, 1.8 MB)

John2 Terrill Inheritance Deed to Nathan3 - 19 June 1717, transcribed by NTT, July 2009

Marriage to Ruth Buck, New Milford, CT, 7 June 1721, New Milford land records etc., (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Children of Nathan3 (John2, Roger1) Terrill with Probate of Estate Hezekiah4 (Nathan3, John2, Roger1) Terrill, by NTT, 13 Apr. 2012

Will of Nathan3 Terrill (John2, Roger1) of North Stratford, CT, written 14 May 1746, probated 6 Aug. 1754, by NTT, 10 Apr. 2012