Roger 3 (Roger 2-1) Terrill Of Woodbury, CT
and David4 Terrill's Estate

Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2010

Roger3 Terrill of Woodbury, Litchfield county, CT, the second son of Roger2, was baptized there 12 July 1691; he m. Elizabeth Sherman (the daughter of John and Elizabeth Sherman) 23 July 1713. Elizabeth was bp. at Woodbury 12 October 1684, and d. there 15 April 1747.

Roger's3 will names a second wife, also Elizabeth, with whom he drew up an "instrument".... perhaps a present-day prenuptial agreement.... on 26 March 1750/1 before his marriage to her. Insofar as the writer knows, Roger's second wife, Elizabeth, has not been further identified.

(See Roger3's Will & Inventory)

The date of Roger's death isn't noted, but the inventory of his estate was taken 21 Feb 1769, and probated 7 March 1769. His will names his three living children.... Phebe, Betty and David.... and his grandson Elijah Martin by his deceased daughter Mary. Following are all of the recorded children of Roger3 by his first wife, Elizabeth:

I. Mary4, bap. 31 August 1718; m. Abijah Martin, 13 July 1741. Their son is Elijah Martin.

II. Gideon4, b. 14 September 1720, bp. 18 September 1720; d. 21 December 1720.

III. Gideon4, b. 17 October 1721, bp. 22 October 1721; d. 3 September 1722.

IV. David4, b. 25 November 1723, bp. 1 December 1723; d. at Woodbury 28 December 1796, at age 73.

V. Caleb4, b. 12 February 1725/26 (twin), bp. 18 February 1725; d. 12 June 1726.

VI. Phebe4, b. 12 February 1725/26 (twin), bp. 18 February 1725; m. Jesse Root, the son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Huthwitt) Root.

VII. Betty4, bp. 23 June 1728; m. Christopher Prentiss/Prentice, 18 May 1748.

So, David4 was the only male child to survive to adulthood, and evidently the Roger3 male line ended with him. David's estate document is signed by the subscribers as heirs, i.e., his sisters' husbands, Jesse Root and Christopher Prentice; and his nephew, Elijah Martin son of David's deceased sister, Mary, (husbands signing for their wives, as was the custom), with no mention of a widow or children for David. The estate document is as follows:

Connecticut Probate Court (Woodbury District), Volumes 9-10, Page 246 - LDS #6175

(See David4's original estate administration document, PDF, 1.5 MB)

Woodbury Jany 13th 1797

This may certify Whom it may concern that we the subscribers heirs to the estate of David Terril late of Woodbury deceased have this Day agreed to sell the said David Terrils estate which he died possessed of. Without takeing out administration upon it and have distributed the whole of said estate and made a compleat settlement of the same. In witness whereof we have set our hands on the day and date above -
Jesse Root
Christopher Prentice
Elijah Martin
A true Copy
Noah B. Benedict Clerk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Land records for David show a flurry of land sales in 1796. This was probably the reason there was no need for more a formal administration of his estate:

Woodbury (Connecticut) Town Clerk, Land Records General Index,

Volumes 26-51, 1787-1884, Page 181 - LDS #6148

(See the original Index: PDF, 1.4 MB)

Terrill, David Sherman Elijah 1789 26 260 W. [Warranty deed]
" " 1789 27 137 W.
" " 1793 28 49 W. East Sprain
Minor Seth Jr. 1796 28 310 W. Bear Hill
Orton Samuel 1795 30 88 W. Walnut Tree Hill
Prentice Sherman 1796 30 94 W. Rock House Hill
Martin Elijah 1796 30 140 W. " " "
Prentice Sherman 1796 30 149 W. " " "
Preston Nathan 1796 30 52 W. Lot 39, Sawpit Hill
Sherman Elijah et al 1796 30 155 W.
Terrill Timothy et al 1796 30 155 W.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The deed of 1796 to Sherman Prentice shows the following with signatures: "The above is approved of by us Nathan Preston Judge of probate / Elijah Martin Overseer." So, it seems that before David's death his nephew Elijah Martin was in charge of his affairs.


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b. Connecticut Vital Records, Barbour Collection for Woodbury. Recorded from Volumes 1 and 2 of Woodbury Vital Records, and scattered throughout Volumes 2-9 of the Land Records for Woodbury as compiled by James N. Arnold.