Roger Tirrell, christened 14 Apr. 1605, St Giles Cripplegate,
London, son of John Tirrell, shoemaker

by Conrad W. Terrill and Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, last updated 23 Mar. 2010

Here's what information we've found so far on this "Roger Terrill." Nancy did a lot of work in the 1990s researching this person and his family, checking the LDS IGI indexes for St Giles Cripplegate (SGC) Parish records, ordering microfilm and photocopying relevant records, and requesting further information from the Guildhall Library in London. Now it is possible to check the St Giles Cripplegate parish records online, via with a World Deluxe subscription. The pertinent database, "London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812," has not yet been indexed by (so we've had to make-do with the IGI indexes). To browse the parish registers via, you need to click on City of London for "borough," and the parish is of course St Giles Cripplegate. Incidentally, "St Giles Cripplegate" and "St Giles Without Cripplegate" refer to the same parish—the "without" part meant that it was just outside the London Wall (the ancient wall surrounding the fortified city of London), at the Cripplegate entrance. Here's the church history web page. The church's location can be found on John Norden's 1593 map of London, on the northeast corner of the walled part of the city (look for "Creple-gate," between Aldersgate and Moregate).

All the record links given below are either to images (World Deluxe subscription required) or to JPEGs of small portions of those images, so you can check our transcriptions, if you wish.

Christenings of children of John "Terrill" at SGC
1 July 1599: "Helie, Daughr~ of John Tyrrell, Shomake~" ( page image) (JPEG, 252 KB)
10 Oct. 1602: "Marke son of John Tirrell" ( page image) (JPEG, 276 KB)
14 Apr. 1605: "Roger sonne of John Tirrell Shomaker" ( page image) (JPEG, 307 KB)
7 Jun. 1609: "Margaret Daug: of John Tyrrer Pearlepearce~" ( page image) (JPEG, 310 KB)
(John Tyrrer, pearl piercer, was probably not the same person as John Tirrell, shoemaker, so we reject Margaret as a daughter of John Tirrell.)

Burials of children of John "Terrill" at SGC
13 Dec. 1611: "Marke sonne of John Tyrrey Shoemaker" ( page image) (JPEG, 263 KB)

Burial of John Terrill himself at SGC
10 Dec. 1636: "John Terrill Shooemake~" ( page image) (JPEG, 87 KB)
(Clerks back then commonly crossed their double els, making them look like double tees.)

Christening of John Terrill himself? (at SGC)
20 Nov. 1580: "John the sonne of Nicholas Tyrrell" ( page image) (JPEG, 344 KB)

Burial of John Terrill's father? (at SGC)
12 May 1610: "Nicholas Tyrrell Marchannt" ( page image) (JPEG, 422 KB)

In 2003 Nancy commissioned a researcher in England to photocopy and transcribe the will of this Nicholas Tyrrell, whom we suppose was the father of John Tyrrell, shoemaker. The will was written 10 May 1610, and mentions that Nicholas Terell, Merchantayler and Cittizen of London, expected to die before the next day (as he very well may have, since he was buried two days later). The will, proved 9 June 1610, mentions no family members by name except Anne Terell, the wife of Nicholas, whom he appointed executrix, and to whom he left everything. Nicholas signed by his mark, witnessed by a Robert Wetherell and a William Pacientes. (Click here to see that transcript and photocopy. PDF, 1.4 MB)

There were other "Terrills" in St Giles Cripplegate Parish in those days. We found those listed below in the LDS IGI indexes (you're already familiar with the ones in brown font). It could be that there are more "Terrills" in the Parish records—ones who by error did not make it correctly into the IGI indexes—but there wouldn't be many. It would be hard to check the hundreds and hundreds of pages of very difficult-to-read handwriting. At the moment we don't know what we can make of this data, but it's possible that some of it may click into place later.

You can double-check the data below by examing the indexes yourself, if you feel so inclined. They are separated into batches, and the web page links for the batch numbers (which begin with 'M' for marriages and 'C' for christenings) can be found in England IGI batch numbers. All the St Giles Cripplegate batches can be found in "London including Middlesex (A-M)." Search for "giles" (or for the batch number) since these batches are strewn throughout this list.

"Terrill" marriages at St Giles Cripplegate, 1561-1640 (from IGI index 1561-1703, M022431):
29 Nov. 1584, Rize Tyrrell & Joane Tymberley
7 Feb. 1586, Walter Tyrrell & Joane Walle
13 Dec. 1587, Annes Tyrrell & Richard Highembottome
9 Sep. 1593, Elizabeth Tyrrell & Rowland Whittingham
>16 Oct. 1597, Elizabeth Tyrrell & Wyllm Myne
18 Jan. 1599, Richard Tyrrell & Anne Welden
25 Feb. 1599, Jane Terrell & Walter Tucke
15 Nov. 1609, Elizabeth Tyrrell & Barnaby Grymstone
22 Jan. 1626, Dyonis Terrill & Anne Yarmouth

"Terrill" christenings at St Giles Cripplegate, 1561-1640 (from IGI indexes 1561-1588, C022431; 1588-1612, C022432; 1613-1626, C022433; 1627-1640 C022434):
20 Nov. 1580, John Tyrrell, son of Nicholas
21 May 1583, Stephen Tyrrell, son of Nicholas
25 Jun. 1581, Anne Tyrrell, daughter of John
5 Dec. 1585, Anne Tyrrell, daughter of Ryce
1 July 1599, Helie Tyrrell, daughter of John
10 Oct. 1602, Marke Terrell, son of John
14 Apr. 1605, Roger Tirrell, son of John
(no more before 1640)

A "Terrill" christening at St Giles Cripplegate not found in the IGI indexes:
7 Jun. 1609: "Margaret Daug: of John Tyrrer (Pearlepearer)?" (see above)

IGI search for (sourced) marriage of Nicholas Tyrrell, England, 1580 +/- 20:
29 Jun. 1588, Nicholas Tyrrell & Grace Dobson, St John The Baptist, Croyden, Surrey
{There's no particular reason to suppose that this is the same Nicholas Tyrrell.}