Milford Land Records for Roger1 Terrill

(LDS Film # 4918)

Transcriptions by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, May 2009

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Volume I, Page 12: (PDF, 1.5 MB)

A Generall Court at Milford December 24th 1646 ordered that Roger Terrell is to give backe againe, that land which is in his possession, which was laid out for Philip Hatley.

Ordered that all, and every part and parcell of every mans land, both upland meadow, and house lotts shall be recorded in A Book keept for that purpose, and whatsoever part or parcel of any mans land, shall be Sold, or Allianated, or Exchanged or given from time to time, or at any time hereafter, it shall be brought, by either he or they, who bought the said land or meadow, unto him appoynted to record, to be entered in the said Book of records, and by both the parties who so Exchang, or he that hath it a gift, before the particular court, next after such bargain or Allianation. And such land or meadow soe Exchanged or given upon pain of forfiture double the price for recording it, and what other damage may follow, upon such Defects. and he who is appointed to enter the afforesaid lands, or meadow, shall give into the next particuler court, after such Allianations Exchangs or gifts, A copie of such allianations, exchanges or gifts, as have been before, that accordingly the court may levie, & dispose such rates as are due upon the right and proper owner of the land, from time to time, and may cause the treasurer to require, that which is Just upon Every man.....

Note: On December 24, 1646, it was ordered by the General Court that every transfer of property, whether by sale, gift or inheritance, should be recorded in a special book. The fee for recording the transfer was to be twopence, and twopence for a copy of the deed. Two months was the time limit allowed for recording a land transfer, with a fourpence penalty for failure to comply with the law. (History of Milford Connecticut 1639-1939, Federal Writers Project, Page 24.)