Bible Records, Etc.
Asael4 Terrill


By G. Richard Handrick

Transcription {with comments} by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, February 2010

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[Among the records certifying for the pension granted Hannah (Hoyt) (Terrell) Blackman, widow of Asahel Terrell. Transcribed 2 November 1993 by G. Richard Handrick from Microfilm M-804, roll 2358, National Archives Revolutionary War Pension Records. Handwritten on page torn apparently from a book; some data lost on edges because of age and crumbling of the paper. All in same handwriting of Asael Terrill, except last entry for death of Asael.]

{I} Asael Terrill was Born Sep [10 1739, date lost to crumbling] and was Married to Hannah Hoyt my wife December ye 21 Day AD 1763 and She was born May the sixt Day AD 1748 & C ---------

AD 1764 October the 21 Day we Had a Son born and Called His Name Jonathan and he Died November the 5 Day 1764 ----------

AD 1765 we had a Dafter {dahter} born September [?] and She Died without a Name ----

AD 1766 we Had another Daughter born May the 27 Day and She Died without a Name

AD 1768 we Had another Daughter born January the 22 Day and Called her name A [la] the [ea] [part of the name lost to crumbling] {Name is probably Antha per later note of Handrick.}

AD 1770 we Had Another son Born May ? [poss 4, not clearl] and he Died without a Name --------

AD 1771 we had Another Daughter Born April [day lost to crumbling] and she Died without a Name-----

AD 1773 we had Another Daughter Born January the 19 Day and Called her Name Rhod?? [poss Rhoda, rest of name lost by crumbling]

AD 1775 we Had two Sons at a Barth {Birth} Ma?? the 8 [March or May; lost to crumbling] and we Called their Names Abijah and Elijah

October the 10 day 1777 Asael Terrill was cilled at surratoga with A cannonball