Bible Records, Etc.
Israel5 Terrill

Bible and Other Records for Harry6 and Israel5-4 (Josiah3, John2) Terrill

Transcriptions, with comments, by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore March, 2010

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The Bible record for the Harry6 Terrill family shows that he was born in Connecticut, and removed to Yates co., NY by 1831 where he and his wife, Amelia (Plummer), had the first of their eight children:



Harry Terrill Newhaven Ct. Sep 29, 1802
Mrs. Amelia Terrill Starkey Yates Co. NY Mar 7, 1814
Cornelia ThompsonTerrill Dundee, Yates Co. NY Oct 8* 1831
Martin Van Buren Terrill Dundee, Yates Co. NY Nov 3 1834
Mary Marilla Terrill Dundee, Yates Co. NY May 19, 1833
Joseph Goodwin Terrill** Dundee, Yates Co. NY Sep 6 1838
William Plummer Terrill Dundee, Yates Co. NY Oct 12 1840
Hary [sic] Terrill, Jr. Dundee, Yates Co. NY May 22, 1842
Amelia Delilah Terrill Dundee, Yates Co. NY Dec 18, 1843
George Plummer Terrill Hampshire, Kane Co. IL Mar 8, 1849


Martin Van Buren Terrill Jan 3, 1835
Mary Marilla Terrill Oct 8, 1835
Harry Terrill, Jr. June 5, 1842
Harry Terrill Aug 28, 1855
Cornelia Thompson Skimner June 10, 1872
Rev J.G. Terrill died in New York City after two weeks Illness April 23, 1895
Ruth, his wife, at Albion, NY Dec 27, 1911
Mrs. Mary Terrill Goff died at her house, Albion, NY Oct 3, 1902

* The number "8" is uncertain, is over-written.

** Goodwin was the maiden name of ancestor Josiah3 Terrill's wife, Mary. For more on Joseph Goodwin7 and Joseph Goodwin5 Terrill see DOR Newsletter, Volume V, No.2, pages 18-19 "Joseph Goodwin Terrill," under the "DOR1" tab on this site.

Harry6 was from the Waterbury, CT area. There is a memorial stone at Hillside Cemetery (formerly called Old Burying Ground at Salem Bridge), Naugatuck, New Haven co., CT- with the following inscription: CHILDREN OF ISRAEL[5] TERRILL, JR./ MILES/ DIED IN 1876/ AE 76 Y'RS./ HARRY DIED IN 1856/ AE 54 Y'RS./ ISRAEL FOWLER/ DIED IN 1880/ AE 75 Y'RS./ HANNAH/ DIED IN 1818/ AE 11 Y'RS.

The record for Israel4 Terrill, Sr.'s family can be found in the Town Clerk's vital records for Waterbury, Connecticut 1680-1851, p. 235 (LDS Film #6111) as follows:

Israel Terrill ye son of Josiah Terrill of Waterbury was Married to Zeriah Beebe Daughter of Jonathan Beebe of said Waterbury February 9th AD 1758

Their first Child a Son name Anah born Decembr 6th AD 1759

Their Second Child a Daughter name Abigail born October 23 AD 1760

Their Third Child a Daughter name Hannah born October 17 AD 1762

their fourth Child Named Rejoyce born Septr ye 7th AD 1764

their fifth Child a Daughter named Mary born Novr ye 15th 1766

their Sixth Child Named Tirzah born Novr the 22 1769

Their Seventh Child a son Named Joseph Goodwin born Janry 5th 1773

The above Named Anah Daughter of the sd Israel Terrill Dyed January 18th 1762***

Here this record for the family ends. However, other records for Waterburya-b show Israel and Zeriah had an eighth child:

Israel, b. 29 August 1776.

Zeriah (sometimes Zeruah) d. 15 June 1781, and Israel marrieda Lois Upson 15 January 1783. They had two children:

Fowler, bp. at Naugatuck, 25 Feb 1787

Heman bp at Naugatuck, 5 June 1791b

*** Anah's birth record says "Son," yet the death record shows "Daughter." Obviously, a Clerk error. The name "Anah" is mentioned in the Bible, Gensis 32:24, "These are the sons of Zibeon: Aiah and Anah; he is the Anah who found the hot springs in the wilderness, as he pastured the donkeys of Zibeon his father." Therefore, we'll assume that the first reference is correct and Anah is a son.

a The Town and city of Waterbury, Connecticut, from the Aboriginal Period to the Year Eighteen Hundred and Ninety-Five, edited by Joseph Anderson, Volume I, by Sarah J. Prichard and others, New Haven 1896. Marriages by Deacon Samuel Lewis Justice of the Peace, taken from his record and incorporated into Anderson's history, Page Ap135

b TAG - The American Genealogist, Volume 25, "The Terrill Family of Connecticut," by Donald Lines Jacobus, pp. 50-51.