Samuel3 (John2) Terrill Will - 25 September 1750

Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, October 2009

There were several Samuel Terrill's in early Milford. Roger1 and Abigail had a son, Samuel2 Terrill who moved to Long Island and had a son, also Samuel3, who is probably the Samuel referred to in Milford records as Samuel, Jr., who married Abigail Baldwin there 17 Aug 1710. (Milford Vitals 1:70)*. This Samuel, Jr.3, had a son Lemuel4 who was born 10 September 1711 (Milford Vitals 1:71)*, and a son Samuel4, using this son's will as proof. In his will of 25 September 1764, Samuel4 of Elizabeth, New Jersey, charged his son, Nathaniel5, with the care of "My Brother" Lemuel4. This Nathaniel5 may be the Nathaniel Tyrrel "from the Jerseys" who married Abigail Rumsey on 23 January 1770 in Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut, and raised a family there. (Click on the highlighted references above for an article, or a trancscription and copy of the document.)

The Samuel3 Terrill who made the will below is the son of John.2 He names in his will "my dearly & well beloved Wife Mary Terrill," who is the Mary Smith who married Samuel 4 November 1707/8 [sic]. (Milford Vitals 1:65)*. Samuel's3 children are also named in the will... the eldest, another Samuel4; Jesse4; Abraham4; Phinehas4; Mary4 who married Josiah Tibbals; and, Rebecca4 who married Jacob Baldwin. There is no Lemuel.


Connecticut Probate Court (New Haven District) Vol. 7, pages 687-689 - LDS #5297

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Samuel Terrill Ex:r of the last Will & Testament of M:r Samuel Terrill late of Milford Decd, Exhibited said Instrument in this Court, ye Witnesses to which being sworn before Nathan Baldwin Esqr, said Ex:r moved to have the Same approved, and Josiah Tibbals Jr & Jacob Baldwin & their Wives being summoned to appear before ye Court to make their Objections, if any they had, why ye said Will should not be approved, being Called 3 times, appeared not. Thereupon said Will is accepted as proved & approved for Record—

Sd Ex:r accepts said Trust

In the Name of God Amen the 25:th Day of Sep:r AD 1750. I Samuel Terrill of Milford in ye County of New Haven in his Majties Colony of Connect:t in New England in America being Sick & apprehensive of my approaching Change by Death, tho:h of perfect Mind & Memory, Thanks be given unto God - Do make, constitute and ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manner & form following / that is say / Principally & first of all I Give & Recommend my Soul into the Hands of God yt gave it, and my Body I recommend to ye Earth to be buried in decent, Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Ex:rs hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the general Ressurection I shall receive ye Same again by ye mighty --- of God. And as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased the Lord to bless me in this Life, I Give, Demise & Dispose of in the following manner & form, after the Payment of all my just Debts, with funeral charges -

I Give & bequeath unto my dearly & well beloved Wife Mary Terrill the use & Improvm:t of one third Part of my dwelling House & Homestead, to gether with one third Part of all my other Lands, Meadows, Pastures etc during her natural Life. I Give also unto my s:d Wife the one third Part of all my Chattels or personal Estate to her & to her Heirs & Assigns for ever, also two Cows & their keeping in the Winter by Sam:ll & Abram. -

[It]em I Give & Devise unto my oldest Son Sam:ll Terrill over & above what I have heretofore given by Deed, & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever, these several Peices or Parcels of Land or Meadow hereafter described lying & being in Milford aforesaid Viz:t that Part of my Homelot from ye Middle between the old House & ye new House, it being ye Eastward Half Part of my Homelot runing square, Including the two Rods thro:h, already given to Sam:ll [back] to Beards Line, in Consideration of his Birth Right, it being the Eastward Part or Side of said Lot. -

Item I Give also unto my s:d Son Sam:ll Terrill & unto his Heirs and Assigns for ever, so much Land as ye Eastward Half of my Barn now Stands upon, together with that Part of s:d Barn & also the Half of both my Yards round s:d barn, & also 4 Rods square on ye back Side of s:d Barn & also twelve feet in Wedth Passage from his House to ye s:d Barn & also ye one Half of my Well of Water with free Liberty to pass & repass from time to time, to him & his Heirs & Assigns for ever. -

Item I Give & Devise unto my sd Son Sam:ll Terrill & unto his Heirs and Assigns for ever ye Southwestward Part of my Land & Meadow lying in ye great Neck at a Place Called ye Rock Lot containing twenty & fiv[e] Acres Be it more or less, being within these specified Limits, beginning at ye Highway which leads to ye Point, so called, leaving out the first mowing Peice, runing by ye old Line, it being all ye small Lots on ye Southward Side of s:d Line, taking in ye first Cleared Land; next to ye great Lots, a place so Called, to ye mowing Peice to ye old Gap, to ye Well of Water and to the Camps Land, keeping ye old Line & Fence -

Item I Give & Devise unto my s:d Son Sam:ll & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever, ye three Peices of Meadow at ye great Lots, so Called, by us Called the Well Peice, the Mountain Peice & ye round Peice. also one third Part of my Marsh or Sedge§ Peice lying at ye Mouth of the great Lots Creek, it being ye Southward Part thereof next to ye Cove: & also ye one Half of all my Rights in ye sequestred Lands, so Called. & also all my Rights in Rogers;s Lots so Called, lately surveyed & laid out in ye Common Land, & one of sd Peices Containing about 6 Acres & lies near by M.r Sam:ll Treats now dwelling House, ye other Peice lies on or near to a Place Called Turkey Hill, it being all my Land in them two Places. -

Item I Give & Devise unto my Son Jesse Terrill & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever; five Certain Lots in the Parish of Amity above Bladens Brook together with the House & Half ye Barn standing on one of s:d Lots, which was Platts & ye other four Northward thereof, & also Half the Lot bot: of Jeremh Beard, with Privileges & Appurtenances thereof.

Item I Give or Devise unto my s:d Son Jesse Terrill & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever, the one Half of my own Lott in ye Indian Purchase, both ye one Bitt and the two Bitt, so Called -

Item I Give & Devise unto my Son Abraham Terril & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever, the Remaining Part of my Homelot, ye old House where I now dwell, with ye other Half or west End of my Barn & Half the Yards & all my Land at ye west field, & ye Remainder of my Land at ye Rock Lot, Even all my Land near or about ye Town not before devised, to gether with my Meadows & Sedge at ye great Lot Creek not before devised, upon the Condition & Limitations following, Viz.t, my true Intent & Will is, yt if my s:d Son Abrhm Terril dye without Issue male or female of his Body lawfully begotten, then ye above s:d houseing, Land, Pastures, Meadows & Premisses, be & remain to my eldest Son Samll Terrill & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever -

[I]tem I Give & Devise unto my youngest ^Son Phinehas Terrill & unto his Heirs & Assigns for ever, the other five Lots lying Northward of Bladens Brook in ye Parish of Amity before mentioned in this Will together with the westward Half End of my Barn there & all the Land between s:d Barn & Highway & Convenient Privileges to pass & repass thereto, together with the one Half of my Yard there, & about four or six feet round ye back Side as need shall require, also the Half of all my Lands lying there in ye Indian Purchases, not otherwise disposed of: and also Convenient Cart Way throh Jesse's Part over the Brook & his Land -

[It]em My Will further is yt my s:d Son Phinehas Terrill shall have paid him out of my Estate ye Sum of fourty Pounds old Ten:or, to help build his House by my Ex:rs -

[I]tem I Give & bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Tibbals wife of Josiah Tibbals Jun.r Besides what I have heretofore given her, ye Sum of twenty ^Pounds old Tenor to be paid within one Year next after my Decease to her & her Heirs & Assigns for ever

[I]tem I Give unto my Daught:r Rebecca wife to Jacob Baldwin ye Sum of twenty Pounds old Ten:r to be paid by my Exrs within one year next after my Decease -

[I]tem My Will further is yt ye Reverssion of ye Moiety of these Lands, Pastures, Meadows here in Milford & as given to my Wife during Life, be & remains to my two Sons Sam:ll Terrill & Abrahm Terrill & to their Heirs & Assigns as before defined in this Will, together with all ye Rest of my Chattell Estate upon Conditions they paying ye several Legacies before mentioned, equally to be divided betwixt them & to their Heirs & Assigns for ever -

Item My Will is & I do hereby appoint, Constitute & ordain my two Sons Sam:ll & Abrm Terrill to be Ex:rs of this my last Will & Testamt. & I do hereby utterly dissallow, revoke & dissanul all & every other former Testamts, Wills, Legacies & Bequests Ex:[d] by me in any wise before named, ratifying & Confirming this & no other to be my last Will & Testam:t In witness whereof I have here unto set to my Hand & Seal the Day & Year before written -
Samll Terrill (Seal)
and, Sealed, published, pronounced & declared
ye s:d Sam:ll Terrill as his last Will & Testam:t
Presence of us Subscribers.
Milford in New Haven County Oct.r ye 13:th AD 1750,
Then personally appeared M:r George Clark J:r, Benj:m Beard
& Benj:m Bull of Milford & made solemn oath yt they saw
Sam:ll Terrill sign & seal the above written Instrum:t & yt
Benjamin Beard
Benjamin Bull
George Clark Jr
they heard him pronounce & declare it to be his last Will & Testam:t & yt they Judged him to be of sound Mind & Memory & that they signed as Witnesses in Presence of the Tesator & that saw Each other sign as Witnesses in ye Presence of ye Testator.
Before me Nathan Baldwin, Jus:t of P[eace]

Well-respected and well-known early Connecticut genealogists including Donald Lines Jacobus, ("The Terrill Family of Connecticut," The American Genealogist, Vol. 25, pp. 37-54) and Susan Woodruff Abbott, (Families of Early Milford, Genealogical Publishing Co.,1979, p. 739) place the Samuel, Jr. of Milford who married Abigail Baldwin in Samuel2 Terrill's family.

* Milford (Conn.) Vital Records," The American Genealogist, Vol. 9, pp. 100-120 & 159-173. Transcriptions for all the entries in the first volume of Milford vital records.

§ Sedge is a rush or grasslike plant that grows in wetlands.

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, October 2009.