Will of John Lawton, Citizen & Haberdasher of London
written 4 Jul. 1618, probated 23 Sep. 1619

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore and Conrad W. Terrill, 17 Apr. 2012

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, vol. Meade quires 66 to 127, quire 84
National Archives catalog ref. PROB 11/132, image ref. 216/179

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{First page}
In the name of God amen the Fourth Day of Julie Anno
Domini one thousand six hundred and eighteen and in the sixteenth yere of the raigne
of oure soveraigne Lord Kyng James &c: I John Lawton Citizen and Haberdasher
of London do make and declare this my testament conteyning therin my last will
in manner and forme folowing that is to saye: First I committ my soule into the hands
of Almightie god my heavenlie father trusting and faithfullie believing by the only merits
deathe and passion of his sonne Jesus xriste to have remission and forgivenes of all my synnes
and to raigne with hym in his most blessed kingdome of heaven .And as for my bodie I committ
the same as earthe vnto earthe to be buryed in decent order at the discretion of my Executrix
hereunder named: And as touching the disposition of suche worldlie estate wherwith the
Lord hathe endowed ^me in this transistorie life I dispose the same as foloweth: First I will
that all suche debtes as I shall trulie owe to any person or persons be dulie payde: Item
I will that all my goodes and chattells shalbe devided into three equall partes and porcons
according to the custome of the citie of London: One equall third parte whereof I give
and bequeathe to and amongest my children John Stephen and Helen and the childe
wherwith my wife nowe goeth in hope in shorte tyme by gods grace to be delivered equallie
to be devided amongest them: One other full third parte therof I give and bequeathe to
my loving wife Helen: And the other third parte I reserve to my selfe therwith to p[er]forme
my Legaceys hereafter mentioned that is to saye: First I will that yf the sayed third parte
of my goodes and chattells before by me bequeathed to my sayd children shall not fall out to
arise to fower hundred poundes that is to say for each of them One hundred poundes a peece
Then I give and bequeathe to my sayed children out of myne owne third parte so much money
as will make vp to and for eache of them one hundred poundes a peece with theire sayed
third parte so given vnto them: Item I give to my mother in lawe Dorothie Calverley one
mourning gowne and fortie fower shillinges in gould Item I give to my cosins Anne Lawton

{Second page}
William Lawton George Lawton Judith Lawton and Sara Lawton children of my brother
William Lawton the somme of ffiftie poundes of lawfull money of England equallie to be
devided amongest them : Item I give to my brother Richards two sonnes twentie nobles a peece
And to my brother Stephens daughter twentie nobles Item I give to eache of my Brethren
and Sisters in lawe children of my said mother in lawe Dorothie Calverley fyve poundes
a peece The rest of all my goodes and chattells I give to my sayd loving wife Helen whome
I make my sole Executrix of this my last will And overseers to see the same performed I
make and entreat my loving brother William Lawton and my loving freind William
Bodington: And I give to each of them for theire paynes herein to be taken a ryng of the
valewe of thirtie shillinges And I renounce all former willes legaceys and bequests as
witnesse my hande and seale the daye and yere [as] first above written Item I will that the
sayd legaceys shalbe paide within three yeres after my decease John Lawton Sealed
and delivered by the Testator and published for his last will and testament the day of the
date hereof in the presence of me Nicholas Reve Scr[ivener?] : John Kyng William Deathe &
Elizabeth Bodington

??[Probatum fuit Testementum supra scriptum [~~]s London paceam venabili piro
matro Thoma Edwarde ^ [~~~~] Surrogato venerabilio viri Dm Johannis [~~~] in libro legum
etiam Doi taris Omne Prerogative Cantnaritn Be maye Cnstares fine Commissarij ffme
constituti vnesimo tertio die mense Septembris Anno Dmi millesimo sex centesimo decimo
octavo ~~ramento Helen Relicte d~~ def~~ ~ Executrice in codems Testamento noiat
Cm commisss fint Administrato ~mormn Jurimm et Creditorum dutu Defuitti: debene ef
fidelitex administranes se ad sanita dei Evangelia Anrat]??