Will of Dorothey Calverley, widow of London
written 28 Apr. 1626, probated 1 May 1627

Transcribed by Conrad W. Terrill, 17 Apr. 2012

Prerogative Court of Canterbury, vol. Skynner quires 1 to 59, quire 48
National Archives catalog ref. PROB 11/151, image ref. 635/1160

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{First page}
In the name of God Amen the
eight and twentieth daie of Aprill Anno Domini one thousand sixe hundred twentie
sixe And in the second yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace
of god King of England Scotland France and Ireland defender of the faith &c I
Dorothy Calverley of London widowe being somewhat weake in body but of god {sic} and p[er]fect
memory (thankes bee given to god) doe now revoke disanull and disalowe all former will & testam[en]ts
and bequests by mee made at any tyme before the date hereof And doe make this to bee my only last
will and testament as followeth, wherein I doe first bequeath my Soule into the hands of allmightie
god my Creator And my body to the earth hopeing and stedfastly beleeveing by and thorough {sic} the meritts
death and passion of mine only Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and by none other meanes
to have full remission of all my sinnes and to see the lord in the land of the liveing And touching
the disposing of all such Temporall goods and Chattells as it hath pleased god to blesse mee withall in
this life I give and dispose the same as followeth that is to saie First I will that aswell the somme of
fiftie pounds of lawfull money of England w[hi]ch I doe acknowledge is by mee truly due and owing to
my Sonne in lawe Christopher Gibson as all other debts w[hi]ch I shalbe truly indebted in to any ^other p[er]son
or persons at the tyme of my decease shalbe first paid and discharged and I doe hereby give & bequeath
to my Sonne John Calverley five shillings for a legacie Item I doe give and bequeath to my
Daughter Ellen the wife of Roger Tirrell my two dozen of laid worke napkins two laid worke
Towells and a table Cloth Item I give vnto my Daughter Katherine Calverley the summe of
ten pounds of lawfull money of England which said debt of fiftie pounds owing to my said
sonne in lawe Christopher Gibson and all other the debts w[hi]ch shalbe by mee truly due and owing
at the time of my decease together w[i]th the severall legacies before herein by mee given & bequeathed
to my sonne John and my daughter Katherine and my funerall charges I will shalbe first paid
and discharged ^satisfied out of the lease of my now dwelling house scituate in the parish of St Michaell
in Cornehill London w[hi]ch my will is shall after my decease bee foorthw[i]th sold by my Executors
for the most money they maie conscionably make of the same, and that all such money as shalbee
remayning of the money receaved or had by the sale of the same lease (after the debts by mee
owing as aforesaid the legacies of my Sonne John and my Daughter Katherine and my funerall
charges shalbe paid out of the same as above said) I will shalbe equallie devided betwixt fower of my
Daughters, namely my said daughter ^Ellen Tirrell, Elizabeth Wilkinson Widow Mary Calverley
and the before named Katherine Calverley, part and part like & that all the residue of my said goods

{Second page}
Chattlels debts and houshold stuffe (after the legacie above herein by mee given to my Daughter
Ellen shalbe paid) I will shalbe equallie devided and distributed betwixt all my five Daughters
namely Ellen Tirrell Elizabeth Wilkinson Joice Gibson the wife of the before named Christopher
Gibson Mary Calverley and Katherin Calverley part and part like And I doe hereby ordaine and
make my two daughters Ellen Tirrill and Joice Gibson Executo[rs] of this my [putte]? Testament
and last will desireing them to p[er]form the same according to my true meaning before herein declared
In witness whereof I the abovenamed Dorrothy Calverley have herevnto sett my hand & seale
p[r]ooven the daie and yeares first abovewritten The marke of the said Dorrothy Calverley
Sealed delivered and published by the abovenamed Dorrothy Calverley for and as her last will &
Testament in p[resen]ce of Fra: Moses Nory publique, John Shuger and Jo: Mericfe Scr[ivener]

??[Probatum fuit Testamentum suprascriptum apud London
Coram Magistro Militis legum etiam Dortoris Curio Prerogativo Cantuariensie
Magistrri Custodo sive Commissarij Ltim constituti primo die mensio Maij Anno Dmi
Millesimo sexcentesimo vnesimo septimo Juramentio Ellene Tirrell et Jocose Gibson Execut[trie]?
in hususmodi Testamento nominat Quibus Commissa fuit Adminstratio omnin et smijuloru
bonerum inrium et Creditorum dicte defuncte De bene fideliter Adminstrando eadem ad
sancta dei Evangelia Furat Ex~]??