The Two David O. Turrells of Susquehanna County,
Pennsylvania in the 1820s

Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, March 2011

There were two distinct David O. Turrell families in Susquehanna county, PA in the 1820s. One was covered in DOR article and Bible record, "William C. Turrel Ancestry Search." This group was from New Milford, Litchfield, CT, and settled in Bridgewater, the descendants of Caleb5-4, Daniel3-2, Roger1. This David went West c. 1843 and died in Lenawee county, Michigan in 1849.a & c

Bridgewater township is in the center of the county, with Franklin on it's northern border, and Liberty on Franklin's northern border. Map is from Wikipedia Commons. For a map of PA counties, click here (Susquehanna County is in the NE corner), and for a map of NY counties, click here.

The other David O. Turrell was born in Milford, New Haven, CT, the descendant of Isaac6, Samuel5-4-3, John2, Roger1.d This article will endeavor to trace this descent, starting with his grandson, Ellis8.

On the 1910, 1900 U.S. Census, and the 1892 Special Census for New York, we find Ellis Turrell and his wife, Dora, living in Windsor, Broome county, NY. Broome county abuts the northern border of Susquehanna county, PA.

The 1900 census tells us that Ellis was born in January of 1852 in PA, and that he and his wife, Dora, had by that time had three children, all living. The 1910 census tells us that he and Dora had been married 31 years, or were married c. 1879. But, the real find is on the 1892 Special Census. In the household of Ellis and Dora "Tyrrell" is John Tyrrell, age 69, born c. 1823. At this point, it can be assumed that this John is the father of Ellis.

1892 Special New York Census, Broome County,
Windsor, E.D. 02
Family Search image 4/11 (Browse for county, city, E.D.)

Tyrrell, Ellis 41 Farmer (All born in U.S.A.)

" Dora 34

" Bessie 11

" Leslie 3

" John 69 (1823)

Beebe Warren 40 (neighbor, with a family)

The next available U.S. Census is for 1880, and with this and succeeding census records, we will start to piece together this Turrell line:

1880 U.S. Census PA, Susquehanna County:
Franklin, Dist 122
Ancestry image 13/16 -
150/168 Terrell, David O. 81 Farmer CT CT CT (1799)

" Ann 77 Wife RI RI RI

Ancestry image 14/16 -
153/171 Turrell, Dimock D.
40 (with a family)

Ancestry image 8/29 -
68/70 Turrell, Ellis R. 28 Farm Lab.
PA PA NY (1852)

" Dora E. 21 Wife NY NY NY

1870 U.S. Census PA, Susquehanna County:
Franklin (P.O. Montrose)
Ancestry image 18/22 -
152/156 Turrell, Davis D. 31 Farmer PA

" Ann 67 Keeping H. RI

" David O. 71 At home CT (1799)

" Rupert L.

Ancestry image 8/22 -
66/67 Turrell, Samuel D. 39 Farmer PA

" Harriet E. 29

" Davis O. 12


" Adah M. (F)


Ancestry image 9/26 -
77/77 Terrel, J. D. 47 Farmer PA (1823)

" Permelia 41

" Mabel 20

" Ellis 18
PA (1852)

" Charles 16

" Ann 14

" Guy 10

" Day 6

" Zoe 1

1860 U. S. Census, PA, Susquehanna County:
Ancestry image 24/26 -
984/949 Turrell, John D. 37 Farmer PA (1823)

" Permelia 31

" Mabel 10

" Ellis 8
PA (1852)

" Charles 6

" Ann 4

" Guy 8/12

Ancestry image 25/26 -
988/953 Turrell, David O. 61 Farmer CT (1799)

" Ann 57

" Davis D. 21

Ancestry image 16/21-
761/744 Turrell, Samuel D. 28 Farmer PA

" Mary E. 26

" Davis O. 2

Brundage Emily 21 Domestic PA

Smith Tabethea 55

1850 U. S. Census, PA, Susquehanna County:
Ancestry image 9/13 -

2151/2151 Turrell, D. O. 51 Farmer CT (1799)

" Anne 47

" Mary 25

" Samuel 20

" Laura 18

" Webster 15

" Dimock 11

Ancestry image 7/13 -
2137/2137 Turrell, John 28 Farmer PA (1822/3)

" Pamela 21

(Permela E. Thomas, m. 26 Jun 1848.b)

" Mabel 7/12

As we trace the line, we now come to the censuses from 1840 to 1800, which list only the name of the head of household. Where known, the names of the other members of the household have been added for ease of understanding.

1840 U. S. Census, PA, Susquehanna County:
Ancestry image 3/8 -
Line 2 Turrell, David O. 2m under 5 1m 5 thru 9 m 15 thru 19 1m 40 thru 49
Davis Dimock & Webster Samuel John D. David O.
1f 5 thru 9 1f 10 thru14 1f 15 thru 19 1f 30 thru 39
Laura M.** Hannah E.* Mary Ann (Webster)
*Hannah E., dau. David O. Turrel of Liberty m. Munson Peck of Franklin 7 April 1850.b
**Laura M., dau. David O. Turrell, Esq. m. William M. Bailey 13 January 1853.b

Ancestry image 5-6/8 -
Isaac was living in son-in-law David Watson's household, second page, listed as a Revolutionary War Veteran:
Line 6 Turrell, Isaac age 77 (1763)

1830 U. S. Census, PA, Susquehanna County:
Lawsville (Liberty and a part of Franklin townships were formed out of Lawsville in 1836 and 1835 respectively.)
Ancestry image 5/10 -
Last line
Turrell, David O. 1m under 5 1m 5 to 10 1m 30 to 40 1m 70 to 80
Samuel John D. David O. David's father Isaac (1763)
2f under 5 1f 5 to 10 1f 20 to 30 1f 50 to 60
Hannah & ? Mary Hannah* David's mother Hannah (1763)
*Hannah b. 1805, m. David Watson 7 Sept 1831.c

1820 U. S. Census, PA, Susquehanna County:
Ancestry image 2/2 -
Last line Turrel, Isaac 2m 16 to 26 1m 45+
David O. & ? Isaac
1f 16 to 26 1f 45+

Hannah Hannah

1810 U. S. Census, CT:
No Isaac Turrell in Washington, LF, CT., although Peleg Baldwin, husband of David O.'s sister, Anned, is there.

1800 U. S. Census, CT, Milford, New Haven
Ancestry Image 5/13
Line 12 Turrell, Isaac (1763) 2m under 10 1m 26 thru 44
David O. & ? Isaac Turrel
1f under 10 1f 10 thru 15 1f 26 thru 44
Hannah ? Hannah (____)
Line 13 Turrell, Samll (1743) m 10 thru 15 1m 26 thru 44 1m 45 & over
Samuel b. 1743 d. 1833 at Milford, CTd
1f 16 thru 25 1f 26 thru 44 1f 45 & over
Ann (Baldwin) m. 1764 - d. 1815d
Line 14 Turrell, David (1765) 1m 26 thru 44 1f 26 thru 44
David Mary (Northrup) m. 1790d
(On the 1850 census for Milford, LF, CT, are David Terrill age 85, and Mary age 79. In 1840 David Terrel is in Milford, age 70-80, with female age 60-70.)

The final piece to this puzzle is the Revolutionary War record for Isaac Turril/Turrill.e In his application for pension papers Isaac states that he was born in Milford, New Haven co, CT on 16 August 1763, and was living in Milford at the time of his service. He stayed there until 1802 at which time he moved to Washington, Litchfield, CT, and in 1818 moved to Susquehanna co., PA. On his application dated 10 Sept 1832, he was 69 years of age and living in Lawsville, Susquehanna co., PA

Isaac was married to Hannah, who died at Franklin township, Susquehanna co. on 24 August 1839, age 76c (b.c.1763). Let's trace Isaac and Hannah's migration via the census from Connecticut to Pennsylvania. In 1800 they were living in Milford, and on that census Isaac and his brother David are listed adjacent to their father, Samuel. On the 1820 census we find Isaac in Lawsville with two males (David and ?), a daughter (Hannah), and wife, Hannah. On the 1830 census when David O. was listed on the census as living in Lawsville (Isaac on his RW application of 1832 said he was of Lawsville), we find in David O.'s household an elderly male and female. Isaac doesn't have a listing as head of a household on this census. By the 1840 census, Isaac's wife had died, and their daughter, Hannah, who had married David Watson in 1831, was living in Franklin. In the David Watson household on this census under "Pensioners for Revolutionary or military services, included in the foregoing," is "Isaac Turrell [age] 77"(1763).

From the census and marriage information, the children of David O. and Ann (Webster) Turrell, all born in Susquehanna co., PA, are: i. John D. b.c. 1823 (father of Ellis); ii. Mary b.c.1825; iii. Hannah b.c. 1828; iv. Samuel D. b. Aug 1830; v. Laura M. b.c. 1832; vi. Webster b.c. 1835; vii. Davis Dimock b. May 1838. There may be one other daughter b.c. 1825-30 per the 1830 census.

It is interesting to note that David O. named one son, Samuel, after his grandfather; and one son, Davis Dimock, after Davis Dimock, Jr. (1801-1842) a man of note in Susquehanna county who was elected a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives for the 27th Congress. David O. named one daughter Hannah after his mother and sister.

Ellis R. Turrell (1852-1915) and Dora E. (Beebe) Turrell, wife, (1858-1948) are buried at the New South Windsor Cemetery in Broome county, NY.

Based on all of the foregoing, it appears that Ellis9 Turrell is the son of John D.; John D8. is the son of David O.; David O.7 is the son of Isaac6, Samuel5-4-3, John2, Roger1.

Note: Working with censuses is a tricky business. The information shown on the census record is only as good as the knowledge of the person furnishing the information, and the accuracy of the census taker. Thus, when working with censuses one must be creative. Take for example names. On the census listed above, the Turrell last name was spelled not only with the usual variations, i.e., "Terrel," and "Tyrrell," but the Ancestry index incorrectly shows the spelling as "Turner" (1820), "Surrell" (1840), "Tunell" (1800/1860), and even "Trembler" (1860). Likewise, errors can creep in on ages: especially for the 1800-1840 census where ages are bracketed.

So, if you think you know where someone lived and can't find them in the census index, it is a good idea to browse the actual township census pages, and surrounding townships, for the name. The actual census pages can be accessed on or on films ordered from LDS: and, the 1900 census, and the names index for the 1880 census, are available free online from LDS. Looking at the actual census pages has an additional benefit, many times other family members, and in-laws, can be listed on that or adjacent pages. When accessing Ancestry hyperlinks, don't forget to log-in.

a History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania by Emily C. Blackman, Philadelphia 1873 pp. 278 and 363.(Google)

b From Susquehanna County newspapers, per research of Melveen Jensen.

c Marriage Records and Death Records 1816 - 1848 publication (for records found in the Susquehanna County Register & Northern Territory newspaper).

d The American Genealogist, Volume 25, page 47, "The Terrill Family of Connecticut," by Donald Lines Jacobus.

e. Revolutionary War Penson and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files 1800-1900 pp.631-657 at An abstract of this file can be found on this DOR site .