An 1838 letter in the Revolutionary War pension file for Samuel Tyrel


Source: database: Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, 1800-1900, Samuel Tyrel (wife: Eunice), New York, No. W19480; image set T / Trask, Benjamin - Tzor, Gabriel / Tyler, Joseph - Tzor, Gabriel, image 1052.  From NARA microfilm series M804, roll 2433.


Transcribed by Conrad W. Terrill, DOR-Terrill, 19 Nov. 2011


This is a letter letter from Marinus Fairchild [Esq.], of Salem, NY, (who appears to have been the lawyer who acted as pension claim agent for Samuel and Eunice Tyrel), to James L. Edwards,  Esquire, Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC.




                        Salem (Wash : Co : N.Y.) Septr 1838


            herewith I send you the papers of Eunice

Tyrel for pension under the act of 7 July 1838

Your early attention to the matter will be a favor


            The leaf from the family Bible being already

loose I thought it as well to give you the original

the writing on which is not very legible, but as I

decipher it is as follows


Holy Bible the property of Sam

Bot of David Yong price four Dollars ~~~~

Born on the 22d day of February in the year of our Lord 1758

and was married on the 22d day of January 1782

  consort was Born on the 6 day of April 1762

first child Rachel was born May the 14th 1784

2d child Rebeca was born June 7 1786

3d child Ezra was born July 16th 1788

4 child Samuel was born July 17th 1790


The difficulty in accurately deciphering the writing

is one reason for attaching the original.~ The residue

of the name after “Sam” appearing to have been torn

off of the first line is also another reason

    If any thing further is to be done, please advise me

   as soon as possible

                                    Respectfully Yours

                                                            Marinus Fairchild


James L Edwards Esquire

  commissionr of Pensions