Thomas2 Terrill Will - 24 May 1720

Probate records, 1697-1900, New Jersey Surrogate's Court (Essex County) LDS #545455

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In The Name of God, Amen. The Twenty fourth Day of may In The Sixth year of our Soveraign Lord George, King of Great Brittain &c, Annoq{ue} Dom{ini} - one Thousand, Seven hundred and Twenty, I — Thomas Terrill, of Elizabeth Town In The County of Essex and Province of new Jersey, Blacksmith, Being in Comfortable health of Body, And of sound and perfect understanding and memory, (thanks Be To almighty God Therefor) Do make this my Last will and Testament In manner and form following; That is to say; first, I commit my Soul and Spirit Into The hands of almighty God who Gave it; and my Body To The Dust whence It was Taken, To Receive a Decent, Christian Burial; And as Touching The Distribution of that Temporal and worldly Estate, (both p[er]sonal & Real) which it hath pleas'd God In his bounty and Goodness, To Bestow upon me, I Give, Bequeathe, Devise and Dispose of the same, In manner and forme following. That is To Say: first, I will And Ordain That All Such Just Debts as I shall Owe To Any person or persons at my Decease shall be well and Truly paid, out of my moveable Estate, In Convenien Season, by my Executrix hereafter in this my Last will and Testament named and Appointed. Item. for as much as I have heretofore, By Deed of Gift, Given, Granted and Confirmed unto my Son John Terrill all his whole part and portion of all my whole Estate of Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, I don't se cause now To Give him any more of my Estate of Lands. Item; I Give and Bequeathe unto my Eldest Son Ephraim Terrill, his Exers admrs and assigns, The Sum of Ten Shillings of Good and Current Money of the province of New Yorke, which, (with what I have heretofore Given unto him,) Is all his Part, Share and portion, of all my whole Estate both Movable and Immovable; and Do therefore hereby Barre him the said Ephraim my Son, from any further Claim to Any part of my whole Estate than what Is herein above to him bequeath'd. Item. I Give, grant, Devise and bequeath unto my son Josiah Terrill, his heirs and assigns for Ever, The sundry Tracts or p[ar]cels of upland and meadow, scituate Lying and Being within the Bounds of Elizabeth Town aforesd hereafter next mentioned Viz. All that my whole homestead of Lands, That Is Lying on The west side of a brook, Commonly Called The west brook; Together with my Now Dwelling house, and all Other houses, Edifices, Erections and Buildings Thereon Standing, Erected and Built:— Also, the one half part or Equal Moyety of all That Tract of Land which I Purchased of Mr William Robison; adjoining (In part) To ye Land of Andrew Crage The sd Josiah, To have The western half part of the same Tract of land. And Also, All That Tract or p[ar]cel of Salt meadow, Being A part of That Tract of meadow which I Purchased formerly of William Cramer, scituate and being In Elizabeth Town Rahaway Meadows, Bounded northeasterly, By Meadow which I have formerly Given To my son John Terrill; Easterly by a small Creek; and southerly By ye Millers meadow: To have and To hold, the sd Devised Tracts of upland, meadow, and p[re]mises with all priviledges and apurtenances, Thereunto Belonging, unto the said Josiah Terrill, my son, his heirs and assigns for Ever.— Item; I Give, Grant, Devise and bequeath, unto my son Daniel Terrill, his heirs and assigns for Ever, All that part of that Tract of Land which I purchased of William Cramer, scituate and being In the sd Elizabeth Town Bounds, which Is Lying on the Easterly side of The west Brook above mentioned. (Excepting only Sixteen Acres of the same Tract of Land, wch I have heretofore sold To my sone John Terrill above named.) And Also, All That Part of my Meadow, which I purchased of the said William Cramer, That Lyes on The Northerly side of the small Creek above mentioned, scituate and Being In ye sd Rahaway Meadows; To have And To hold, The sd Tracts of Land and meadows, with all priviledges And Appurtenances To the same belonging, unto The said Daniel Terrill, my son, his heirs and assigns for Ever. Item. I Give and bequeath, unto my Daughter mary, wife of James Silver; The Sum of Six Shillings Sterling money of England, (or Equivolent Thereto) To Be paid out of my movable Estate which, (wth what she has heretofore Received of me) Is all her portion and share, of my whole Estate. Item; my funeral Expenses, all my Just Debts, and ye above bequeathed Legacys, being first paid and Discharged out of my movable Estate, I Give and bequeathe To my Loving and Dearly beloved wife Mary, The One Equal Third part of what shall Then Be Remaining of my whole sd movable Estate. And Also, The Choisest Room of my now Dwelling house, To her sole use and Improvement, During The Term of her Natural Life. Item; All the Rest & Remainder of my Movable Estate,^ I give & bequeath To my sons John, Josiah, & Daniel, Terrill; And To my Daughters Abigail, Sarah, and phebe; To be Equally Divided among all them my Sons and Daughters Last above named, part and part Equal, and Alike. Item: I make, appoint and ordain, my sd Dearly beloved wife, Mary, To be the sole, whole, and Only Executrix, of this my Last will and Testament. And I Do uterly Revoke and make Void and of none Effect, all former wills and Testaments, By me at any Time heretofore in any wise made or Declared. and Do hereby Ratifie and Confirme This To be my Only Last will & Testament. In wittness whereof, I the sd Thomas Terrill, have hereunto Set my hand & Seal, ye day & year first above written.

Signed and Sealed, published and Declared by ye Testator, to be
his Last will and Testament, In the p[re]sence of us witnesses.
Samuel Whitehead. Elisha Whitehead
Mary her[X]marke Whitehead

Memorandum. before my Signing & Sealing; I Give.
grant, devise & bequeath, To Each of my Two sons Jo-
siah and Daniel abovenamed
ye heirs & assigns for e-
ver ye one equal fourth part of my Second Lot Right
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas Terrill (seal)


Memorandu~ April 26th 1725

then Personally appeared before me Michael Kearny Surrog~ appointed by his Excellency Wm Burnet Esq Captain General & Governour in chief & Samuel Whitehead and Elisha Whitehead two of the Evidences to the within Last will and Testament who being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God do declare & depose that Thomas Terrill the testator mentioned for the within Last will & Testament signed sealed published and declared this Instrument within to be his last will and Testament and that he was at [ye] same time of sound mind & memory as far as they knew or beleived and saw of Other Evidence sign [------------------------------------]
[Jural?] [Cor----] Michl Kearny

. . . Amboy 26th april 1725
then appeared before me Michael Kearny Surrogate appointed Mary Terrill Executrix Mentioned in the within mentioned Last will who being sworn on the holy Evangels of Almighty god did depose to the true & faithful performance &c
Michl Kearny Surr~

First transcribed by James C. Henderson, April 2008; proofed and revised by CWT, June 2009.