Samuel2 Terrel/Terrill Deed of Sale - 29 May 1704

Milford Land Records Vol. 3, pages 315 & 316 - LDS #4918

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This deed of Sale made the 29th day of May in the year of our Lord Christ 1704 Wittnessseth that I Samuell Terrel of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk in the Province of New York for and in Consideration of a Considerable matter of money or pay at money price assured to me by a bill bearing date with these presents to my Satisfaction having given Granted bargained and sold & do by these presents Give grant bargain & Sell unto my Brother Daniell Terrill of Milford in the County of New haven in the Collony of Conecticott in New England severall parcells of Lands & meddowes Belonging unto me the Said Samuell as my share of Inheritance of that which was formerly belonging unto my honoured father Roger Terril of said Milford Deceased and my part of what was the land of my Brother Joseph Terrill late of said Milford deceased all Lying within the bounds of said Milford, Namely one parcell of Land in quantity about 3 acres and an halfe in the bareneck in the Westfield bounded with the Land of Said Brother Daniell Northwardly, with the Land of Thomas Coley Eastwardly & with the meddow of Richard Baldwin & with part of his upland & more meddow belonging to the Camps Southwardly & with the Land of Widdow Mary Buckingham & James Brisco Senior Westwardly: also another parcell of Land lying in the New Meddow plains in Quantity about seven acres & 30 Rods, bounded with Said Brother Daniell his own land Southwardly with a high way Eastwardly, & with the Land of brother John Terrill Northwardly & with the meddow or wast Land Westwardly: also one parcell of Land formerly laid out by way of Divison to my Said Brother Joseph in quantity about ten acres Lying in Oronoque woods neer Wigwam Swamp bounded with the Land of Eliazer Roger Southwardly with the Land of Daniell Baldwin Northwardly & with the towns Land Eastwardly & part Westward[ly] also one parcell of Salt Meddow in the Great Meddow bounded with Said Brother Daniell his own meddow Eastwardly, with the meddow of Ezekiell Newton Westwardly, with a beach Southwardly, & with a Creek Northwardly, in Quantity about 2 acres & 16 pole also my Share in the New meddow halfe an acre or there abouts, bounded with Josiah Tibbals his meddow Northwardly, a Creek Eastwardly, and a Creek Westwardly, & the meddow of John Rogger Southwardly, all which above Said Lands and Meddows with all the privilidges Immenities & appurtenances, the Said Daniell Terrill above said himselfe his heirs assigns or Successors Shall Have & Hold possess Quietly Possesss & Enjoy, without any Lett or Molestation from me the said Samuell Terril my heirs assigns or successors for Ever & I the above said Samuell Terrill Engage to defend the Said Daniell Terrill from all Claimes or demands that are Legall respecting the above parcels of Lands or any part of them that Shall be made by any from by or under me and I the Said Samuell Terrill further declare that my whole Right title & Interest which I have or have formerly had in housing or Lands or meddows In said Milford is now alienated and made over from me my heirs and assigns or successors unto the Said Daniell Terrill his heirs assigns & Succeesors for Ever & all appurtenances or privillidges that att present belong unto the above said parcells of Land & Meddows, or any part of them or any privillidges or appurtenances that may acrue or arise from them in the town Commons or otherwise the Said Daniell Terrill his heirs assigns or Successors is to Have Hold Quietly possess & Enjoy without any disturbance from me the Said Samuell Terrill my heirs assigns or Successors for Ever. In Confirmation of the above written premisses I have hereunto Sett to my hand & Seale the Day & Date above written:

Samuell Terril (Seal)

Signed Sealled & Delivered
In presence of us Wittnesses
Benjamin Smith
George Allen

Milford in New England May 29th 1704
Samll Terrill personally appeared before me
underwritten and acknowledged the above
written Instrument to be his free act and Deed
Samll Eells, Justice of Peace

Recorded the 2d day of
June 1704 by Richard
Bryan Recorder

Deed transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.