Roger2 Terrill Will - 25 January 1721

Connecticut Probate Court (Woodbury District), Volume 1, Pages 12 to 15 - LDS #6171

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May 10th 1722, Sarah Terrill ye Widow or Relict of Roger Terrill late of Woodbury deceased, came to this Court and Exhibited ye Will or Testament of ye Said Roger Terrill deceased in order to its approbation.

The Will Exhibitted is allowed and approved and ordered to be Recorded.

And this Court has appointed and constituted Sarah ye Widow administratrix, and Timothy Terrill administrator on this Estate and granted letter of Administration to you and taken bond of administration:

Doctr Jonathan Attwood and Stephen Terrill and Ezra Terrill Legatees being aggrieved with ye Judgment of ye Court appeal from & to ye Superiour Court att Fairfield in Septbr next August - see farther over two leaves.

The Will

A Will made bearing Date January 25, 1721

by me Roger Terrill, Senr In ye Town of Woodbury. In his majesties Collony of Conecticut In ye County of Fairfield, & for ye preventing my sons striving for a greater Interest in my Small Inheritance.

I do freely give to each of them some of it, & to be fully possessed of it they and their heirs for Ever, after my decease & my wifes:

I do freely give to my Son Stephen, my Stone Hill 5 acres, Bounded Northward on Waterbury Highway, I say 5 acres with what I have before given to him:

& To my son Roger at my North Meadow 6 Acres as in Record with 10 Acres Upland Bounded South by ye fence tht now stands East on ye Meadow:

& To my son I freely Give to Ezra half my 20 Acre devision at ye head of ye East Meadow Brook & Half my East meadow:

& To my son Timothy I give all my Homstead & my Inclosur tht is on ye plain & my Ash Swamp paster Lowland and upland 17 acres & five acres on Walnut Tree Hill:

As for my Moveable Estate I Leave it for my Wives Use while she lives & to dispose of it at death For she Hath great care of daughter Abigail While life lasteth:

& I Will To my sons in Equal share of Half ye East Meadow, & my Lot by Jonathan Attwoods 2 acres & Half To ablidge them to take suteable care of Abligail, & to pay something to yur sisters, to Sarah and to Martha.
Roger Terrill Senr (Seal)

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Pronounced by the Testator Roger Terrill that Signed and Sealed ye above written Testament to be his last Will and Testament Janry 28, 1720/21 and subscribed and sealed in our presence and at the desire and in pr[esence] of ye sd Testator.

Wittnesses present ) Joseph Minor
) Ephraim Minor
) Samuell Minor

In addition to my Will on the other side, I give to my son Timothy ten Acres of Land nere the head of ye East Meadow brook, with ye condition that he pay the charge that I have been at with the doc in sickness this present month of January:

It: I also give to my son Timothy the Remainder of my fathers [land] on the great plain containing by Estimation four Acres little more or little less, the Southernest part of that Lott, as it is bounded in the Record of the Same.
Roger Terrill Senr

Pronounced and declared by the Testator Roger Terrill Senior to be an addition to his Will and Testament, and Subscribed in ye presence of us

Witnesses ) Each of ye Witnesses of ye Will, and to ye addition
John Minor Senr ) to ye Will have taken their oaths, as may be [seen]
Joseph Minor ) on ye Will, wc is on File in ye clerks office.
John Minor Junr )

[There follows an Inventory of the Estate of Roger Terrill Senr, who died 18 April 1722, and sworn to by Ephraim Minor and John Nichols on 9 May 1722, amounting to 323 17s.]

Augt 8th 1722 Ezra Terrill this day withdraws his appeal and doctr Jonathan Attwood and Stephen Terrill have this day signed and sealed ye bond to prosecute their appeal to Effect, and answer all dammages in case they make ^part their Plea good - Anthony Stoddard Clerk

Augt 10, 1722 This Court considering that Abigail ye Eldest daughter of Mr. Roger Terrill is not capable to take care of her^self and to be looked upon as a Minor under fourteen years of age, have this day appointed her Mother Sarah Terrill, and her brother Timothy Terrill Guardians unto her: Each of wc declared ye acceptance of ye Guardianship and ^have given bond wc is on file in ye office.

And on this 10 of Augt This Court doth order and appoint ye administ[rators] of ye Estate of Mr. Roger Terrill to pay all ye Just debts out [of] this Estate. - Ant: Stoddard Clerk

Augt 23d 1722 Stephen Terrill and Doctr Jonathan Attwood who App[ealed] from ye judgment of this court and given bond to prosecute the sa[me] in ye next Superiour Court; this day withdraw their appeal & have their bond deld up: Test: Anthony Stoddard Clerk

March 5th 1722/23 Timothy Terrill (to wm administration of on ye Estate of Mr. Roger Terrill late of Woodbury deceased: together with Sarah Terrill ye Widow, was Granted, Cum Testamente Annexe,) came to ye Court desiring his Quietus est as having completed his and her work -

This Court doth this 5th of March Anno Dom: 1722/23 discharge them from their administration & delivered up their bond of administration:


Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, September 2009