Roger2 Terrill Deed of Sale - 5 June 1690

Milford Land Records Vol. 3, page 57 - LDS #4918

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This Deed of Sale made this fift of June in the yeare of our Lord Christ 1690 Witnesseth that I Roger Terrill of Woodbery in the Collony of Coneticut in New England for & in Consideration of twelve pounds & tenn shillings have Given granted bargained & sold & by these presents doe give grant & sell unto Daniell Terrill my brother of Milford in the county of New haven in the Collony of coneticutt in New England all my Right Title & Interest in my brother Joseph Terrill his Estate late of Milford deseaced now in the occupation of my said brother Daniell Terrill the above said Estate of my said Deceased brother Joseph beinge distrubited by the Hounored County court held at New haven November the 13th 1689 [and] the said Court disposinge: twelve pounds & tenn shillings onto me as my part of the above said Estate in land [lott] housings of that which was my said Deceased brothers: all in the above said Right Title and Interest which I the said Roger Terrill have or ought to have the above said Daniell Terrill my brother is to have & to hold to hime and his heires & assignse forever I [say] the said Roger Terrill doe for me my heirs Executors & Administrat[ors Covenant to and with the said Daniell Terrill his heires and Assignse that he the said Daniell Terrill his heires and assigns shall quietly & peaceably Posses and Enjoy all the above said Estate & lands forever with out lett or mollestation from me or any by me or under me that shall lay any legall Claime to any part of the above said land or estate and doe give hime the said Daniell full power to record the same to himselfe as his own forever and I the said Roger Terrill am to Remeand the above said twelve pounds tenn shillings in Murchantable pay at current pay [towit:] Exeption: further the said Roger Terrill shall have for himselfe his heires and assigns whatever appurtenances belongeth unto the said twelve pounds tenn shillings lying in the Commons of [that foresaid _____] it is Intended by this Exeption a Reservation of Comm__ge pasterige timber or whatever else is or may be priveledge.

Roger Terrill
her marke
Sarah X Terrill

The above said Roger Terrill appeared in Milford & did
Acknowledg the above said Deed or Instrument to be his
free act & deede this ___ of July 1690 before me

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .John Beard Com_r

Witness by us . July 7: 1690
John Rogers
William Tyler Junr

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.