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This is a collection of special web links which we consider very useful in our research efforts.


Examples of letters of the 17th C. found in parish registers


Old English Census Occupations     (a second version of same)


LDS FamilySearch research outline: England (PDF, 833 KB)


England IGI Batch Numbers:

   The LDS IGI currently serves as the best index for many parish registers in England.  Tip: Use Control-F to find a parish name.  Some (like St Botolph Bishopsgate) appear a number of times, in different places.  Once you’ve clicked on a batch number you can browse through the whole batch (which is in alphabetical order by surname) by leaving the surname box blank and clicking “Submit Query.”  Caveat: The batch list will contain only the first 5000 batch entries.  To look beyond that you have to enter a surname, we think.

London, England, Baptisms, Marriage and Burials, 1538-1812

London, England, Births and Baptisms, 1813-1906

London, England, Deaths and Burial, 1813-1980

   These databases are from a joint / London Metropolitan Archives / Guildhall Library Manuscripts, London project, which is not yet (2010) finished.  Over 10,000 greater London area parish registers have been scanned and put in the databases.  Indexing is not yet complete, but the IGI indexes can be used to help.  Use the links above as a handy way to return to a starting point (close the earlier window).

GRO BMD indexes

England BMD databases