DOR2 Research: Maps

N.B.: These maps are for DOR2 research purposes only. Please don't pass them on to others since we have not yet resolved the copyright issues, and we don't want to get ourselves and our organization in trouble.

Many interesting maps can be found in the British Library's on-line Crace Collection.

London panorama, 1588 (JPEG, 4.1 MB) (doc)

London, 1593 (JPEG, 4.7 MB) (doc)

St-Leonard-Shoreditch, 1745 (JPEG, 5.1 MB) (doc) (just north of London)
This map shows a Copthall Yard, in the lower center, off the Road to Kingston.

Islington, 1735 (JPEG, 3.3 MB) (doc) (just north of Shoreditch)
This map shows the Copthall that was near Hornsey.

Middlesex, 1611 (JPEG, 4.9 MB) (doc)

Essex, 1594 (JPEG, 4.7 MB) (doc)