John2 Terrill to Josiah3 and Gamaliel3 - 29 January 1719/20

Milford Land Records Vol. 6, pages 83 & 84 - LDS #4919

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To all Christian people to who these presents Shall Come greeting Know ye, that John Terrill of Milford in ye County of New Haven in his Majesties Colony of Connecticut in New England Carpenter doth for and in Consideration of his Love & Affection to his two Youngest sons Josiah an Terrill & Gamaliel Terrill for ye settlement in ye world & as portion to thm, he ye sd John Terrill Hath by these presents Given granted aliened and Made over conveyed & Confirmed and by these presents Doth fully freely Clearly & Absolutely Give grant Aliene Convey & Confirm unto his Abovesd Sons Josiah Terrill & Gamaliel Terrill their heirs & Assigns for Ever: all ye hereafter descrbed percells of Land Scituate in ye bounds of ye Township of Milford abovesd Viz: One percell Lying att a place Called New Westfield being all ye Remainder of sd John Terrells Lott or half Division there after four acres att ye Rear or West end of sd Lott is first measured off to his son Samll Terrill; Bounded with sd Samll Terrills Land Westerly ye Land formerly Daniell Guns Northerly; wt undivided Land Easterly wt ye Land now ye Botchfords and Beards Southerly - Also two acres and a half of homLotte Land wt ye house & Barn & Orchard thr-on bounded wt Sergt John Botsfords Land Easterly wt an highway Southerly and wt his son Samll Terrills Land Land [sic] Westerly and ye Biscos Land Northerly; Also tht parcell of Land Lying above Whelers Farm wh was ye sd John Terrills Division of Land Containing Seven Acres be it more or Less; bounded Fletcher Newton Land Northerly wt Enos Camp Land Westerly wt highwayes both Easterly & Southerly also one parcell of Land Lying in ye New Meadow plains containing by Estimation Eight Acres be it more or Less Bounded wt Joseph Garnseys Land Notherly wt an high way Easterly, wt Daniel Terrells Land Southerly wt ye New Meadow & Stratford River Westerly: & also one parcell of Meadow Lying in ye great Meadow Containing about Three acres and a half be it more or less: bounded wt Leiutt John Woodruffe & Benjm Prichard ^ meadow Northerly & _ Daniel Terrills Meadow Easterly with Newtons Meadow Southerly: & wt ye sd Woodrufs Meadow and an highway Westerly and also all ye sd John Terrills Undivided Land or Rights of Lands Undivided; To Have and to Hold to ye sd Josiah Terrill & Gamaliel Terril their heirs and assigns for Ever wt all ye priviliges and appurtenances thr-of to their own sole proper use benefit and behooffe for Ever and further tht ye sd John Terrill for himself his heirs Executors & Adminisrs Doth covenant promise Grant and agree to and with sd sons Josiah Terril and Gamaliel Terrill theirs heirs and assigns in Manner and form following: Viz: That att ye time of ye Ensealing of & Delivery of these presents he ye sd John Terrill is ye True sole owner of all ye above Granted Premises and Stands Lawfully seized therof in his own proper Right in fee simple Having in him self good Right full power Lawfull authority to Dispose of ye same in manner as abovesd: In Witness whereof he ye sd John Terrill hath hereunto sett his hand & seal, this Twenty Ninth day of January: Anno Domi: 1719:20 in ye Sixth year of his Majesties Reign of our Sovereign Lord George King of England - etc:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Interlineing in ye Deed before signing & sealing -

John Terrill his Seal

Signed Sealed & Delivered
in presents of
Daniel Terrill

Samll Gunn

Milford Febuary ye
1th 1719 - 20
Then personallly Apeared John Terrill ye Subscriber
and Ensealer to ye above Written Instrument &
& [sic] Acknowledged ye Same to be his free Act and
Deed before me
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jonth Law Assistant

Recorded Febuary
Ye 1th 1719-20
Per me John Fowler
. . . . Register

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, July 2009.