John2 Terrill Deed of Sale - 20/22 June 1696

Milford Land Records Vol. 3, pages 177 & 178 - LDS #4918

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This Deed of Sale made this twentieth day of June in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand six hundred ninty and six, Wittnesseth that I John Terrill of Milford in the County of Newhaven in the Colony of Connecticutt in New England for and in consideration of money already paid or ingaged to mee to my content, Have given granted and sold and doe by these presents give grant bargain and sell unto Daniel Terrill my naturalle brother of said Milford in the County Colony afforesaid in New England a certain portion of land within the town of said Milford containing about one acre and nine pole the portion or share which was belonging to mee of my fathers Homested with the Orchard therupon bounded with my said Brothers own land Northwardly with Edward Camps land Eastwardly and with Nicholas Camps land Southwardly with the High way Westwardly, all the above said acre and nine pole of land with the Orchard therupon with all the appurtenances and priviledges therunto belonging my said brother Daniel Terrill is to have for ever. And I the said John Terrill doe covenant to and with The said Daniel Terril for my self my heirs and assigns and successors, that himself his heirs assignes and Successors shall quietly and peacably possess and enjoy the above said portion of land and orchard for ever without any Lett or molestation from mee or any other that shall from by or under mee lay any Legall claim therunto or any part therof, and I the said John Terril doe further say and declare that my whole right and title and intrest which I have heretofore had in the homested of my honoured father late of Milford deceased in land buildings or Orchard the said Daniel Terril my Naturalle brother shall have and hold and quietly possess himself his heirs assigns or successors for ever without any disturbance lett or molestation from mee my heirs assigns or Successors for ever and for the further confirmation of the above written I the above said John Terril have sett to my hand and seal this twenty second day of the said month of June afforesaid in the Year of our Lord Christ one thousand six hundred ninty and six.

John Terrill his Seal (seal)

Signed sealed and delivered
In the presence of us Wittneses
Samuel Clark
Eliezar Rogers
Joseph Peck, Junr

Milford June the 23 the above mentioned
John Terril appeared and acknowledged the
above written instrument to be his act and
deed before Thomas Clarke Comisioner.

Recorded June 30.1696
Per Alex Bryan Register

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.