DOR Site Guide

Our DOR web site is structured to make it easy for you to find what you want.

The Home section (our front page) contains items of general and current interest, and links to new articles.

The Roger’s Tree section contains the bulk of our articles and records. We have filed them on the branches of a rudimentary descendant tree. The Roger1 Terrill page contains articles and records pertaining to Roger1 and Abigail in America. It also contains the first branches of the tree; i.e., the names of the children. Click on a name to follow that branch up the tree, to see what articles and records we have for any particular descendant. To climb back down the tree you can click repeatedly on the names of the fathers, or click repeatedly on your browser’s Back button, or you can click on Roger1 Terrill to return to the base level.

The England section contains articles and records pertaining to Roger1’s and Abigail’s lives in England. It also contains items pertaining to various Roger Terrill’s who might have been our Roger1. And it contains interesting articles pertaining to England Terrills/Tyrrels (and other variant spellings) who might have been ancestors or relatives of Roger1.

The Research section is where we are collecting our reports on ongoing projects at DOR2—projects aimed to determine the England origins of Roger1, projects aimed to sort fact from fiction regarding all the unsubstantiated statements you may have read concerning Roger1, and projects aimed to sort out various Terrill (and variant) families in England, because we think this may help.

The YDNA section concerns the use of genetic genealogical methods to help us in various ways. Click on this tab to learn more about this new technological tool.

The DOR1 section contains the complete set of newsletters of Nancy Tyrrel Theodore’s original Corresponding Society for the Descendants of Roger Terrill.

You can also Search our web site for particular names or places, or any other text string which might help you home in on a particular area of interest, using the top menu on the right.

If you have questions or comments, contact Conrad Terrill ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).