How to get tested

DOR-Terrill highly recommends that you get tested by Family Tree DNA, the company that we ourselves use. FTDNA is run by genealogists and scientists, gives exceptional service, and provides a complete product, including extensive help, many forums, and the surname projects which allow you to make genealogical use of your results.

It's also easy for us to compare FTDNA results, whereas results from other companies require conversion, which is not that easy to understand and apply. The tests currently (27 Feb 2021) available are Y-37 ($119), Y-111 ($249) and Big Y-700 ($449). The Y-37 test is sufficient for proving that you are a descendant of Roger. Note that you must be male to be yDNA-tested, since females do not have yDNA. If you are female and want to participate, the best you can do is to find a close male "Terrill" relative willing to be tested. Contact me ( if you have questions.

Cost: We recommend that you take advantage of the price break you get by ordering through the Terrell Surname Project, if you have not already purchased some other kit from FTDNA.  After clicking on the "JOIN" button on the right side of that page, carefully follow instructions.

The test is a cheek swab test (and not a "spit test"). Click here for more detail.