George3 (Daniel2) Terrill Will - 10 May 1750

Connecticut Probate Court (Danbury District), Volume 1, Page 58 - LDS #4024

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In the Name of God amen: This TEnth Day of May in the year of our Lord: 1750: I George Terril of the Town of New Town in the County of Fairfield Within his majesties Colony of Connecticut in New England Being Sencible of my own frailty and mortallity in my own account Being of Competent memory and understanding Do make this my Last Will and Testament First I Recommend my Soul into the hands of God that Gave it and my Body to ye Earth to be Decesently Buried Att the Discrestion of my Executors Nothing Doubting but to Receive it at ye Grate and General Resurection: and as To my Worldly Estate which God has allowed me to Enjoy by his goodness and mercy Both personal and Real I Dispose of it in ye following manner. First of all my will is that my Executors hereafter named Shall pay all my Death and funeral Charges if any be and also to Receive if any be Due to my Estate from any person or persons: Imprimis: I give to my well beloved wife abigal Terril one third part of my Living Stock; Viz: Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Swine and So much of my household goods as She sees Cause to take for Ever and the West End of my Dwelling house and all privilidges necessary Such as barn Room and Well [use] and one Third part of my Lands for Improvement Dureing her natural Life.

Item: I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Sherman the wife of Joel Sherman Besides what Shee has already Had thirty pounds according to old Tenor.

Item: I Give and bequeath unto my four Daughters namely Ann Terril Caroline Terril and pernal Terril and margere Terril one Hundred pounds a peace That is to Each of them one hundred pounds according to old Tenor and I Give and Bequeath to my Daughters the above mentioned Sums to them and to their heirs for Ever: Further my Will is that my Two Sons Amos Terril and George Terril Shall be my Executors of this my Last will and Testament and I Do here by Constitute and appoint them to be my Executors and my Will is that my Executors Shall pay all Debts Due from my Estate ^ and Receive all Debts due to my Estate and also my Will is that they Shall pay or Cause to be paid the above Bequeathed Leagacies and that Within or at the End of four years after the probation of this my Last Will and Testament that is to the above mentioned Ruth Sherman thirty pounds old Tenor To ann Terril one hundred pounds old tenor To Caroline Terril one hundred pounds old Tenor To parnel Terril one hundred pounds old Tenor and to margere Terril one hundred pounds old Tenor and my will is that if my Executors Refuse or neglect to pay the above Bequeathed Leagacies then my above sd Daughters Shall posses and Injoy So much of my Land or Lands as their Right or proportion is according to the Leagacies bequeathed unto them: Item: I Give to Amos Terril my Eldest Son four acres of Land adjoining to his house or new frame for an acknowledgment that he is my Eldest Son to him and to his heirs for Ever: Item: I Give and bequeath unto my son Roger Terril Ten acres of Land and no more of my Land Because his uncle Roger Terril has Incorridged or Given him a Comodation Convenient for Living To him & his heirs for Ever: and further my will is that after my Executors have Executed this my Will as above Directed: that then my Sons: Viz: Amos Terril, George Terril, Samll Terril and Jared Terril Shall Injoy and posses their Equal or one forth part to Each of them of all my Remaining Estate both personal & Real all my Land and Right of Land that I am possesed of or Ever Shall accrue to me or my Estate and peacably Injoy and posses To them and their heirs for Ever I George Terril Do publish pronounce and Declare the above written to be my Last Will and Testament by Signing and Sealing of it this Tenth Day of May AD 1750 In presence of
George Terril (Seal)
Nathan Lake John Skidmore Heth Peck

Missis [Messrs] Heth Peck Nathan Lake & John Skidmore all of Lawfull age personally appeared in New Town in ye County of Fairfld and maid affidavit as follows: viz: that they Saw the Testator Sign and Seal the above written Instroment Declairing the Same to be his Last Will and Testament that to the best of their Judgment he was then of Good memory and Sound understanding and that as witnesses they Signed the Same In presence of the Testator.

The above Given under oath the 25th Day of June AD 1750 Before

. . . . Me Thos Tousey Justice of the peace

† There were multiple series of paper money in Connecticut in the 1700s, such as "Old Tenor," "New Tenor," "Lawful Money," and "Continental currency," issued at different times and having different value, relative to each other and to sterling. For further discussion see Wikipedia "Connecticut pound.", or (much more detail) "Money in the American Colonies."

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, July 2010