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England Maps

Many interesting maps can be found in the British Library's Online Gallery collections, which include the Crace Collection of Maps of London and The unveiling of Britain.

Here's a subset which DOR currently considers particularly relevant, regarding the search for Roger1's origins:

British Isles, 1250, by Matthew Paris
. . (Well, maybe not so relevant, but fairly interesting!)

Essex, 1576, by Christopher Saxton

Kent, Sussex, Surry and Middlesex, 1579 , by Christopher Saxton

England and Wales, 1583, by Christopher Saxton

London panorama, 1588, by William Smith

London, 1593, by John Norden

Essex, 1594, by John Norden

Middlesex, 1611, by John Speed

London and Westmininster, and suburbs, 1654, by surveyor T. Porter.