Daniel2 Terrill Deed of Sale - 7 May 1697

Milford Land Records Vol. 3, pages 185 &186 - LDS #4918

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This Deed of Sale by way of Exchange made this seventh day of May in the Year of our Lord Christ One thousand six hundred ninty and seven Wittnesseth that I Daniell Terrill of Milford of the County of Newhaven in the Colony of Connecticutt in New England have given granted bargained and sold, and doe by these presents give grant, bargain and sell unto Samuell Beech of said Milford and of the said County and Colony abovesaid in New England, a certain parcell of part of a devision of land lying within the County of said Milford in Oyster meadow plain containing about six acres ~ bounded with the said Beeches own lands East and West and with the Common or high wayes South and North: which said parcell of land was at first granted and laid out by the town of Milford to ~ Joseph Terrill late of Milford deceased for his last part of his devision all which the above said parell of land of six of the above said Daniell Terrill lay the above said Samuell Beech hee his heirs Executors and assigns or Successors shall have and hold peacably and quietly injoy and possess for ever without any Lett or molestation from or by mee my heirs Executors Administrators or successors or any other that shall from by or under mee lay any Legall claim therunto or any part therof for ever. And further I the said Daniel declare I have received to my sattisfaction pay for the said six acres of land, in a certain devision of land lying within the bounds of said Milford assured to mee by a Deed of the said Beech bearing date with these precints And for the full confirmation of the above said I the above said Terrill have sett to my hand, and further In way of addition to the abovesaid I the said Terrill say the said Beech shall have & hold himself and his successors or assigns with the said six acres of land all appurtenances and priviledges ~ thereunto belonging for ever without any Lett or molestation from mee or my successors for ever, or any other that shall by from or under mee lay any legall claim thereunto or any part therof and for the confirmation of all the above written I the said Daniell Terrill have hereunto sett to my hand and seal, further note that the word (legall) interlining this ninteenth line was writt before signing.

Daniel Terrill (Seal)

Signed sealed and delivered in the
Presence of these wittnesses
Joseph Platt
Robert Plum

Milford May 28. 97 Daniel Terrill
personally Appeared and
acknowledged the above written
Instrument to be his free and
Voluntary act and deed before
mee Thomas Clark Comisioner

Recorded May 31st 1697
Alex Bryan Recorder

[This Deed was immediately followed on pages 186 & 187 by a deed from Samuel Beech to Daniel Terrill exchanging his land in Milford.]

"......a certain devision or piece of land within the bounds of said Milford in quantity about Seven and twenty acres which was granted and laid out to mee by the town of Milford by way of devision and was the seventh Lott being upon the upon the upper end of Mashes Hill being bounded with a high way or Newhaven line betwixct Newhaven and Milford Eastward, and Southward with the land that was first laid out to Daniel Gunn late of said Milford deceased and the Country Road between Newhaven and Milford Westward, and with the land laid at first to Thomas Tibballs of said Milford Southward Northward all which above said devision of land of seven and twenty acres....."

[On 11 March 1705/6 Daniel sold to Samuel Burwell, Jr. the exchanged land described above, by Deed 2:163.]

Transcribed by Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, June 2009.