Christening record for (our?) Roger Tirrell, St-Giles-Cripplegate, 1605 (PDF, 310 KB)

(Note: John Tirrell of St. Giles Cripplegate was a shoemaker/bootmaker, according to other St. Giles Cripplegate parish records. But what is that which appears to be given as his occupation in this christening record? Can you read it? Let us know!)

Newsflash! DOR member Rhona Brice of Lincolnshire, England, has deciphered John Tirrel's occupation. It's "shomaker" (shoemaker), which is exactly what it was supposed to have been. To see this, first notice the upside-down 'L' at the beginning. This is an 's'. You'll see another like it in the occupation of the fourth person up from the bottom on the left, which is "husbandman." The second character, which like the 'h' in husbandman, looks somewhat like a 'g', you'll find all over this page, perhaps most often as the 'h' in "John." The rest is not too difficult to see, except perhaps the 'k'. There are other "shomaker"'s on the page. "Margerit daughter of Thomas West shomaker," christened 7 Aprill 1605, is one. There's another on the third line above Roger.